Hi everybody!.

Hi everybody!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I intend to write a lot about my journey through my FIRST pregnancy, my journey to healthy living during and after baby, my personal relationships that mean the world to me – namely, my wonderful fiancée Matthew, my loving family, and my amazing friends –  and eventually, wedding planning!

2012 has been a HUGE year for me. I have progressed so much both in my professional and personal life. The last two years or so were a run of bad luck for my fiancée and I – we suffered together through a miscarriage, the passing of a stillborn in our immediate family, a leaky roof in our brand new home, and other financial troubles. But 2012 seems to be our year (knock on wood)! We started off the year in style with a great week spent in Cabo, got our leaky roof fixed, got engaged in mid-April, and found out I was pregnant. Things are definitely looking to be on the up and up, and I could NOT be happier. So it most definitely seemed like the perfect time to begin recording all these happy memories to share with friends, old and new!

Thanks for reading! I will try and make the site a little more visually appealing – I am learning as I go!


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