Helllooooo, third trimester!

So much has happened. I am now almost 28 WEEKS pregnant – which is almost 7 whole entire freakin’ months! Can you believe it? Cause I hardly can :).


Time seemed to be passing so quickly, a large part of it due to the fact that Matthew and I were able to have a “babymoon” at the end of August. We got to spend some much needed time in Nelson, BC, and brought the puppy along – seeing as she also won’t be getting much in the way of relaxation in a few months! Speaking of my puppylove – she did amazing. It was the longest road trip we have ever taken her on, and she was SO easy going, it was amazing! And thank goodness because I am sure our next trip won’t be so easy going with our brand new little bambino and all :).


Speaking of our bambino – we found out that she is a GIRL! And have officially picked out her name.. but I have been trying to not share with too many people so the element of surprise still remains when she makes her grand entrance – less than 100 days to go! ❤


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