Lazy Saturdays!

Not too much going around this house today…

Mama is doing a lot of this:

While McKenna is doing a lot of this:


Matthew is out at school (on a Saturday – blech)!

McKenna had a bit of a rough night last night – we put her to bed as usual at 10, and besides a few 10 or 20 minute catnaps, it was about 2:00am before she fell asleep long enough for this mama to get some rest! Poor Matthew also had a hard time sleeping due to her restlessness, and had to be up at 7am for school.. another prime reason why we are trying to transition her to her crib, but as mentioned before, we are trying to master nap time first!

I was lucky enough to be able to go back to bed with McKenna after Matt left in the morning, and we ended up sleeping until 11am. Now, with a cup of coffee in hand, I am ready to face the day – which today, only means getting a workout in, tidying the house, and having dinner ready for Matt’s return at 5:30!

Happy Saturday everyone!


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