Family Day Weekend!

We had a pretty nice relaxed Family Day weekend over here, and the first of many with our little Bean <3.

Sunday we went to my Auntie and Uncle’s house, where I cooked dinner for them (chicken and dumplings… mmmm) :). This was a nice change; usually my Auntie is entertaining for everyone, so I thought she would enjoy a night of relaxation and soaking in some cuddle time with McKenna! Luckily, dinner turned out to be a hit and I am happy to report that I checked in today and both her and my Uncle are still alive and kickin’!


A random fact about me: I LOVE to cook, like to bake, and HATE doing dishes. :)

Today, I started the day with my first hot yoga class in almost a YEAR. Before I found out we were pregnant, I was going to hot yoga at least once a week; and sometimes up to three times a week. It has been my favourite workout since the day I first tried it back in 2010. Unfortunately, it also happens to be the most expensive of all workouts – a single drop-in is $17.00, and it isn’t too much cheaper to buy a class pass. Regardless, it is my desire to start going weekly again, as there is no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment after a sweaty, strenuous full body hot yoga workout!

We had planned to do something as a family for the rest of today – which we did, although it only involved hanging around at home. Being a new mum, however, I can honestly say those moments spent at home cuddling as a threesome on the couch are moments I absolutely treasure. I know in a blink of an eye McKenna will be bored of us, so for now I am soaking in all the cuddles and quality time I can get!

I also happened to have one of my MANY favourite McKenna moments today – as we were sitting on the couch, I had her on my lap, and she was trying to mimick the noises coming out of my mouth! She mastered the “ooo” sound, and we have moved onto “aaa”. It is so fun to watch her try and think so hard about how to form the sound with her own little mouth, and even though after awhile she certainly begins to get frustrated, she is trying harder and learning more everyday <3. Love love love.

Hope everyone had a fun, relaxing Family Day long weekend!




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