Another cold winter day in Edmonton…

McKenna, Shiloh (the dog – post on my fur babies coming soon!) & I had intended to take a nice long walk in our brand new jogging stroller today, but once again, the cold Edmonton winter weather has won and left us inside for the day. 

For all you fellow Canadians, I know you can relate!

We are keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed that we will be able to journey outside tomorrow, one for Shiloh’s sanity, two, so we can FINALLY put this new stroller to the test, and three, McKenna & I have a lunch date planned with one of my girlfriends from work!

So how does a stay at home mum keep her sanity during these long cold winter days that leave us boarded up inside?

1. I need to have a shower, at least every second day. & I need to make sure to change out of my pajamas, long before noon;

2. I try my hardest to squeeze in a workout during McKenna’s first nap (but sometimes chores win my time on this one);

3. I spend a lot of time engaging in creative play with McKenna (such as laying on the floor and helping her explore the toys on her playmat, or playing the “mimick” game in which I make pronounced sounds with my mouth and she follows suit until she gets frustrated :))

4. I do “mini photoshoots with McKenna – dress her up in cute clothes and headbands for the sole purpose of taking adorable pictures! She’s a great model 🙂 – pictures from today’s photoshoot below!

5. I make sure to eat a healthy lunch to keep my energy up (especially important as an EBF mummy);

6. I plan a delicious home cooked meal for Matthew’s return (on the menu today as per his request: meatballs and rice!); and last, but DEFINITELY not least;

7. I make an effort to watch Ellen, because come on, who doesn’t love Ellen?

We are longing for the close coming days of spring & summer wherein McKenna, Shiloh & I can spend many hours outside exploring and playing, but for now, we are a happy little family keeping warm together inside :).

SO here’s to another happy snow day, as it is only 2pm and I have accomplished all 7 of these tasks! Woohoo! & here’s to a (hopefully) sunny day tomorrow!



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