McKenna, 3 months young…

My Darling McKenna,

Today, you are three months old. Which means, 90 days ago you came into our lives, grabbed hold of our hearts, and have been squeezing so tightly that they’ve felt like they may burst at any given moment since. Sheesh.. it is true… time sure flies when you are having fun. Or sleep deprived. Har, har, har… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

February was a BIG month for us in regards to eating. In other words, we mastered nursing. You went from being a bottle-fed baby 90% of the time to being a breastfed baby 90% of the time. This was a huge deal for us, because we had all but quit entirely on the concept. I said it before, and I will say it again, thanks for not giving up on me.

To date, you have still received 100% breastmilk and if things keep going as they are, we intend to continue this up to your 1st birthday.

You have grown considerably in your looks, and I am happy to report that instead of hearing the constant “OH MY GOODNESS SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MATT” we have gone to hearing how you are the perfect combination of the best of us, and sometimes the occassional “OH MY GOODNESS JILL SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU!” You have no idea how much it makes my day to hear that after the endless comments about how much you look like your father. Obviously, I think he’s quite handsome, but still.. I’m pretty sure you came out of me. Also, I am pretty sure I am the one with the blue eyes, dimples in my cheek and widow’s peak. Just sayin’. minime

Onto sleep. Oh the sleep. Where we progressed in eating these past two weeks, we have DEFINITELY regressed in sleep. You used to be such a champ. In fact, there was even one night not so long ago where you went SIX HOURS without waking. SIX HOURS, McKenna. Mind you, I still woke in a panic to make sure all was well and good because my internal alarm clock (boobs) told me too, but there you were, sleeping like an angel.

Must have been a fluke. The last two weeks have been AWFUL for you with regards to sleep. Wherein you used to settle as soon as your Mum & Dad were in bed, the last two weeks our routine goes like this: bathe McKenna, pajama time, story time, eating time, bassinet. Sleep 20 minutes wake up crying, nurse, bassinet. Sleep 10 minutes wake up crying, nurse, bassinet. Sleep 5 minutes wake up SCREAMING, nurse, lay you beside us in bed and after an hour of grunting (oh the grunting) you finally fall asleep.

You have been back to waking about every 2-3 hours when before we could count on that initial 4 hour stretch. Mind you, I have to say it’s REALLY not the waking in the middle of the night to eat that gets me. I understand your tummy is small, and I am more than happy to feed you…. it’s the 4+ hours it takes to get you to sleep for those 2 hours, it gets tiring on a mummy! Last night, we tried something new where we went back to feeding you from a bottle before bed. A massive (by your terms) 4 1/2 ounce bottle. And you did,you ate the whole thing.. but still woke 3 hours later. Tonight, I will try pumping you a 5 ounce bottle and see if perhaps that will work. I am learning this motherhood thing, this sleeping game, it’s all trial and error. And even though I may have had a slight breakdown the other day, I know we will get there :). Soon gone will be the days of sleepless nights and I will be longing for the times you reach out for me because they will be a thing of the past. So enjoy every moment, right? sleep

Your naps, on the other hand, have become much more predictable. In the space that Matthew is at work, you take approximately 3 – 45 minute naps. When Matthew gets home, you tend to take another 20 minute nap right at 7pm. Try as we may to keep you up for this last nap, you are determined that you will fall asleep no matter what you are doing, be it bathtime, playtime, Daddy’s silly face time, or loud music time. Clearly you have established who is the boss around here.

As for development, I think the biggest accomplishment this month was in tummy time. You can now fully lift yourself off of the ground unsupported, and stay there, for a long period of time. We are talking 5 MINUTES long. Way to go babygirl! It was crazy, one day you JUST DID IT. Lifted your head right off the ground and had a big smile plastered on your face. So, so proud. At this rate, you will be crawling in no time! tummytime

You have also started using your voice more effectively and often. You love to mimic mama, and try so hard to make the sounds I do.. and have now started mimicing my breathing patterns (so, SO ADORABLE). I feel like you will be talking before we know it!

You now weigh 12 pounds, 1 ounce, and are 19 inches long. Still in size 1 diapers, and probably for a few more weeks. We tried the 2’s and they almost fell right to your ankles 🙂

You smile about a thousand times a day now, that adorable gummy smile that melts our hearts everytime. You are the smiliest in the mornings , but other key smiley times include diaper changes, when you see your mobile above your crib, and whenever mummy and daddy play with you. lovebug

You still love your playmat, especially with the new addition of your jingly bird to the roster of hanging toys. You also love when mama reads to you, which I do once during the day with sound and shape books (we call it language development time), and always at night. You are a pretty good listener and I’ve yet to resort to hand actions and silly voices to keep your attention, but I am sure that is just around the corner. For now, you are simply content cuddling and looking at the bright coloured pages. In fact, storytime is quickly becoming one of my many favourite moments of the day with you. 🙂

Still a fan of being in the swing while either of us is showering, and still loving when we dance around the living room together :). But I think your favourite thing of all is the mobile above your crib. I have said to Matthew that if you had to pick between us and the mobile, you’d probably pick the mobile. He thinks I’m joking, but I really am not. That is, until you would discover that the mobile cannot provide you with sustenance and you would come back to me, simply out of requirement.

In other big news, last week you discovered the TV. This has led to it now being off for 75% of the day, the whole time Matt is at work (with the exception of Ellen at noon). This is a big deal in our house, as we have always had the TV on for background noise. Just another of the million reasons of how you are helping us to become better people.

Still a pretty big cuddler, however, it is now only when you are tired. This has led me to break my own rule about exclusively napping in the crib, and letting you take the occassional nap on my chest, so I can inahle your baby smell, unique only to you, and listen to your quiet sighing as you dream peacefully. Please don’t grow too fast McKenna, this is another one of those moments I relish and will painfully miss when you no longer love cuddling with mama anymore. 

All in all, February was a fabulous month, filled with memorable moments. You are growing so fast, and I am so proud to be mama bear to such an adorable, intelligent, and funny little girl. Your personality is already shining through and I cannot wait for the days to come. Thanks for being mine, and here’s to all the joys that March holds for us. I love you with all of my heart.


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