Monday Morning Musings..

We had a pretty good, relaxed weekend. It’s so nice to have a few days to enjoy some quiet time as a new family. I feel like when McKenna was first born a lot of weeks were such a blur, but now that life has slowed down for all of us it’s nice to just be us – a little cozy threesome getting to know each other better (or six-some, including pets).

Some things I am thinking about this morning:

1. I am writing this post as I am drinking a deeeelicious chai tea latte. We went to Costco on the weekend and they had a 3 pack of the chai latte mix that I love so much, for less than the price of two lattes at the coffee shop! I am still trying to decide if this was a brilliant idea, as a way of saving money, or if it was one of my worst ideas ever simply because I never used to have a chai latte a day so I may just be deepening my addiction. Plus, let’s be honest.. they aren’t the healthiest (but SOOOOO good and SOOOOO worth it).

2. I am super excited – McKenna & I have joined a mother’s group, and it starts this week. It isn’t just one of those let’s sit in a circle and talk about ourselves for an hour sorts of groups either. It incorporates all sorts of activities – mommy/baby yoga, mommy/baby dance class, and other workout sort of related activities, along with a guest speaker on a hot topic for new mums each week. I had the schedule of events e-mailed to me last week and it looks like the discussion on baby sleep isn’t until the VERY LAST SESSION – how unfortunate for me. Although this brings me nicely onto #3…

3. McKenna had a MUCH better sleeping routine these past few days. It is still taking me awhile to get her down to sleep, but it only took about 1.5 hours these past two nights versus the 4 hours it had become. Progress! Not only that, last night she slept two 4 hour stretches.. which was nice also. 🙂 Just reiterates the fact that there is NO NEED to stress about bedtime, I just need to enjoy my little one and the rest will fall into place in time.

4. I mentioned to Matt on Saturday about extending my maternity leave – until the end of winter next year (which is about April in Edmonton, and I am due to go back in January) – so that I won’t need to bring McKenna out in those early cold mornings before going to work. He agreed it was a good idea. But the fact that I am already thinking ahead to the time I need to go back, and coming up with reasons (however valid) to push it back, makes me wonder what will happen when the time actually comes. I have NO idea how other mother’s from different countries do it, go back to work within weeks of having a baby. One of the reasons it is such a blessing to be a Canadian.

5. And speaking of winter, we have now officially entered the anxious waiting game. March is always hit or miss for west Canadian winters, and we are experiencing the yo-yo temperatures which make us long for this snow to melt, once and for all, and for Spring to finally get here. I find myself particularly antsy this year, because I have SO MUCH I want to do with McKenna this summer… swimming, jogging, walks in the dog park with Shiloh, trips to the zoo and science centre, picnics at the park, visiting friends, walks down Whyte… it’s going to be an excellent summer. Now if Mother Nature could stop teasing and just hurry up and let it get here, we would all (myself, McKenna and ESPECIALLY Shiloh) be very much appreciative!

So that’s it for this morning. I’m off to scrounge up a healthy lunch while my little love naps, then we are off to the grocery store – I am going to try and make an effort to pre-make lunches for the rest of the week, so it will be easier to eat healthy all the time (on the menu this week – chicken chili and chickpea salad – can you say YUM?).

Happy Monday everybody! ❤


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