McKenna’s Nursery

From the day we discovered that our little baby Bean was going to be a girl on July 20, 2012, I dreamt of a beautiful nursery filled with some of my favourite childhood books, colourful pictures, and made with love.

This dream has definitely become a reality, as McKenna’s nursery is by far my favourite room in our entire house. Although it isn’t quite being put to its full use yet (McKenna is still in our bedroom – and it has recently been decided she will be remaining there until she sleeps through the night), we still use her nursery for diaper changes, daytime naps, and now more recently, playtime.

Matt and I picked the colour (light green with pink accents), and the theme (jungle animals) together. I had previously stripped the carpet from this room to reveal beautiful original hardwood flooring underneath. It is going to be great for when McKenna is more mobile (read: easy to clean up). The rest of the work (painting, putting together furniture, arranging furniture, decorating the walls) was done by Matthew. He kept the work he was doing behind closed doors, as he wanted the finished project to be a surprise to me. I thought this was the sweetest thing like, EVER 🙂 He slaved many days after work and on weekends making sure the paint job was done just right, that the original flooring was smooth and nail free (yes, there were nails all over the place!), and most importantly, that it was a comfy cozy room built for a child who was so wanted, and who would be so loved. A close friend of ours, Leah, also helped with the finishing touches. I LOVED it then and I still do! We are still always imagining ways we can add to it, and our next project is to have McKenna’s birth day window (a project I found on Pinterest – post will follow once complete) completed and hung, and some more shelves installed for more books and special knickknacks as there are so many.

A tour of McKenna’s nursery:


The crib was gifted to us by my Auntie and Uncle. We love it. It fits in so well with the other furniture, and will be used by us for years to come.

The quilt hanging from the front of the crib was made by McKenna’s Auntie and Godmother, my sister, Helen. The colours match her room perfectly! We cannot wait to use it on her actual bed (McKenna only uses wearable blankets for now to reduce chance of SIDS).

The quilt hanging on the back of the crib is another gift from my Auntie & Uncle, made by my Auntie (my family is very talented – a gene which skipped me!) and fits the theme of the room perfectly. We will likely be hanging this quilt on the wall in the near future.


This is McKenna’s bookshelf. We use it to store all sorts of supplies – sippy cups, teething toys, diaper cream, and most importantly: BOOKS. I hope one day to have these shelves entirely dedicated to children’s stories for McKenna, as her father & I are both big readers, and we cherish storytime with our little girl.


This is McKenna’s closet – and only about 1/4 of her total clothing! The rest is stored in the drawers. In other words, she has no shortage of clothes thanks to the generosity of so many (but mostly her Nanny).

Just a few other pictures of the room, including her chest of drawers (massive for little girl, I know) and the wall decals that fit the jungle theme:

Nurserywalls (2)nursery1

Another dream come true  – a beautiful nursery, built for a perfect, beautiful little girl!


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