On Wednesday, I was doing one of my million mini-photoshoots with McKenna. One second she was smiling, and the next second, she was distracted by something hot pink out of the corner of her eye – HER FEET! Her attention went from staring at Mama & smiling, to oh my GOODNESS what are these things attached to my legs? And what are my legs for that matter? Well whatever they are, they are FANTASTIC!” (or so I think it is how her train of thought went 🙂 ) And just like that, the photoshoot, & her Mama, were old hat. Indeed, I could not get my little Bean to look away from her feet long enough to get any more smiley pictures, and it was hilarious.

Now for the past 2 days, our feet have been all the rage. Whether she is on her playmat lifting them up in the air and staring in awe, or sitting on her boppy and looking down at them with the same look of minor confusion, it is clear that her Mama is a thing of the past and her feet are now all the rage.


As you can see, our hands are still pretty awesome, too!

I suppose this is just a preview for what’s to come, when her Mama is no longer cool and instead her primary focus is on her friends at school, boys, and boy bands. But for now, I will take being second place to those cute little toesies, as I am just as fascinated with them as she is, if not more.

In other big developmental news – she has also managed to roll over half of the way several times this week! However, she seems to stop mid-roll as though she is still a little afraid of what is on the other side, or where she will end up. I give it another week and my little bum will be rolling all over the place – likely trying to follow those adorable little feet & wherever they may go!

Have a great weekend everybody! ❤


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