My Little Lovebug…

My Little Lovebug,

Last night was rough for all of us. You woke up no less than 6 times in the space of 8 hours, with a stuffy little nose. Being so itty bitty, you are unable to clear your sinuses like we big people are, so it is understandable the frustration that comes with being boogery (boogery – one of the many words that has been added to my dictionary post McKenna).  We know from visits with your pedi that your stuffy little nose will be stuffy from time to time this first year, and unless accompanied by other symptoms, is nothing to worry about. We proceeded to kick your Daddy out of the bedroom so he could have some sleep before he went to work, to provide for us as he always does. We used nasal spray and Mama ran a warm shower so you could have a steam bath to help clear that adorable button nose. Then Mama proceeded to break another one of her own rules and bring you into bed, and cuddle you so tightly to help curb your frustration. Immediately, as you always do, you calmed by simply being near me, and for the billionth time that day and the kajazillionth time in the past 3 months, I thanked God that He chose me to be your Mother.

We awoke this morning side by side, with you as my little spoon. I smelled your baby smell first thing before I even opened my eyes. The first thing I saw when I did open my eyes were your tiny fists, curled up close to your heart, and a sleepy smile plastered on your angelic face. I woke up with such contentment, the kind of contentment and the feeling of warmth within that I only receive when I am in skin to skin contact with you.

I considered cancelling our obligations for the day (we had an early start) because of your boogery nose, and contemplated a day at home, spent with lots of cuddles, exploration, and as always, love. But I realize, as your Mama, as much as I want to keep you protected and in my own bubble, it is healthy for you to be out in the world of the living, exploring and adventuring. Mama needs to face the inevitable – you, my baby love, are going to get sick one day. One day a boogery nose is going to be accompanied by a cough, chills, and (heaven forbid I can BARELY bring myself to say it); a fever. And all I can do as your Mama is love you, nurture you, protect you from all I can, & when the time comes, be the Mama to you that my Mama was to me when I was sick. And I am so happy to do it.

But with that being said, I want to thank you for being as healthy as you have been so far. You are my strong little girl, and apart from a sometimes stuffed up nosey and a watering eye from an undeveloped tear duct, you have been the perfect picture of health since day 1. So this post is not only a letter to you thanking you for yet another, beautiful cuddly morning, but to thank God for a beautiful, perfect, healthy girl. Your Daddy & I are so blessed.



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