Monday Morning Musings..

I unintentionally almost missed a full week of blogging last week. Not good.. McKenna & I were just so busy! We were up earlier than normal and out of the house most days so when we did finally have a chance to relax at home, we soaked up that time together. Which is why I am really happy that other than a few minor errands and my mother’s group later this week, we have nothing really planned. This is especially great considering the weather here in Edmonton these days.. we must have had 20 cm of snow over the weekend, and it is COLD out there.


1. My main thought today, is a feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity to stay warm inside with my beautiful baby girl. Maternity leave is such a gift, I do NOT take it for granted.

2. My second thought is how lucky I am to have a man who goes to work, no matter what the weather OR circumstance. Matthew works outside for his job as a tradesman so he has to withstand these awful Canadian winters in a different way than most people do. Not ONLY that, he had an accident on Sunday with a knife – that had him at the Medicentre receiving a few stitches through his nail on his thumb. Can you say OWIE? And yet, he still got up this morning, bundled himself up and headed to work in this -20 weather with a busted up hand. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. McKenna and I are so fortunate to have such a loving, providing man in our lives. We love you!

3. We had a great weekend – and it all started with some really great news: A close friend of mine got engaged to a really great girl. And it is double exciting for us because of the fact he will be having a destination wedding early next year – which means we will be taking a family trip to somewhere nice and tropical! I know we want to do a lot of travelling with McKenna, and although she may not necessarily remember this trip when she’s older, it certainly will be nice to start the travelling early.

4. Speaking of travelling, we have made the decision to head to Matthew’s hometown in Saskatchewan for Easter Long. I am excited but slightly nervous to take a 9 hour road trip with little McKenna. I am still trying to figure out the logistics of being an EBF mother (exclusively breastfeeding) and how that works on a road trip. Any suggestions from other mother’s would be greatly appreciated.

5. Another exciting thing related to Easter weekend – when we return from our road trip, McKenna’s Auntie Helen – and my sister – will be here for a visit. We are SO excited to see her, spend time with her, and show her how much her little niece has grown!


6. Lastly, speaking of growing – I wanted to share the outcome of McKenna’s latest pedi appointment. Our little girl now weighs a whopping 13 pounds 6 ounces, and is 22 inches long. Pretty impressive considering her birth weight of 5 pounds 13 ounces :). Other than telling us that she was right on track with regards to weight gain, he also brought up the fact that we should soon be considering our plan for introducing solids. I cannot believe this is something we already need to think about, but I sure am excited! Since then I have been doing a lot of research into BLW – baby led weaning, but I will share my findings on that another day, as this post is already pretty long.


In the meantime, if any mother’s happen to stumble across this blog and have any information to share on BLW- please, comment and let me know. I have yet to find someone personally who tried this when introducing solids, and I definitely want to hear some first hand experiences.

So there we have it – I hope everybody has a happy Monday and stays warm wherever you may be!


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