Well hello, 3 month growth spurt…

I think we’ve finally hit it. Like, officially.

For weeks now, I’ve been thinking in my head “wow, we totally bypassed that monster growth spurt everyone talks about at three months” because McKenna hasn’t been overly fussy the last little while. In fact, she has been an absolute doll – constantly smiling, constantly happy, and constantly discovering.

Well, this girl sure likes to keep me on my toes! The moment I stopped anticipating this oh-so-famous growth spurt – BAM! Here we seem to be, right in the thick of it.

However, it isn’t quite the nightmare I was anticipating, YET. I am saying this with baited breath. I know from my online mother’s support group over at What To Expect When You’re Expecting that this one in particular is supposed to be a doozy.

The reason I think we are hitting this growth spurt so late, is because I have been calculating McKenna’s growth all wrong – going by her actual due date (December 1), instead of her estimated due date (December 17-20). Now that I think about all of this, it totally makes sense. McKenna is hitting a lot of milestones for a baby at 3.5 months, but her Wonder Weeks and growth spurts by general standards have been a little off.

I had my ah-ha moment yesterday with regards to this, when McKenna was once again crying for no reason it seemed than to hear her own voice, and was constantly soothed by the breast. So I am preparing myself for a few sleepless nights, frequent nursing, and constant cuddling (which I of course, LOVE.. & makes it all worthwhile). I’ll let you know how it goes when we come out the otherside, because I daresay that so far, it isn’t half bad :).

Wish us luck!



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