Random Thursday…

Not much to report today. And I am in a rush to get out of the house – nothing unusual there (although I should point out, although I am ALWAYS in a rush, I am always NEVER late!), so I leave you with a conversation Matt and I had last night:

Me (whilst cuddling McKenna): Do you think maybe you just want to have one since she’s so perfect and just spoil the crap right out of her?

Matt: One what?

Me: One toaster.. c’mon, what do you think?

Matt: Oh… no. It’s always better when they come in twos. More fun that way.

Me: You said that about the cats.. that backfired. Big time.

Matt: Yah, but that’s because our cats are demented. 🙂

Happy Thursday y’all.

PS – I cleaned out my closet yesterday. Huge accomplishment! I always have such a hard time deciding what to donate, but the end result (a clean closet) always makes those difficult decisions worth it in the end.


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