*A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013.*

*A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013.*

Our little girl’s personality is already shining through in so many ways. Three things we can already tell:

  1. She is STUBBORN. She made it clear from the day we brought her home that she is the boss of the house, and she has been reiterating that fact every day since;
  2. When she smiles, she lights up the whole room; however, as soon as Mama comes around with a camera, that smile instantly disappears;
  3. She is smart. She is already bored with so many of her toys, so it’s clear we have some shopping to do. Just another prime example of how she has us wrapped around that adorable pinky finger; and
  4. She is strong. Her pedi confirmed this at her last appointment – said she was advanced for her age at tummy time, and being able to bear weight on her legs. She is already trying to move those little legs so hard during tummy time, and I know that she will be motoring around this house in no time.

Thanks for being ours <3.




2 thoughts on “2/52

  1. Instead of buying her new toys every time she gets bored, why don’t you put away half her toys now, and let her wear herself out with the toys that are out, then when she gets bored, rotate them? Way cheaper for you! I’ve heard that some moms do this to keep toys fresh and exciting – it’s like getting a new toy without paying for something truly new!

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