Road Trippin’

On Thursday, we commenced our first road trip as a fam – the fiance, the baby, the puppy dog & I all packed our bags and headed to Melville, Saskatchewan, which is Matthew’s hometown.

The trip was an altogether success. McKenna certainly travels pretty well, for the most part. We found her limit of straight driving is approximately 5 hours, then she really starts to lose her cool. This wasn’t a real issue for us, as we had already discussed making a stop in Saskatoon for the first over-nighter. Which was pretty much exactly 5 hours (5 hours and 45 minutes if you count stops for baby feeding).

It took a little bit of practice to get used to nursing in the car, but we figured it out. For the trip home, I did pump one bottle to see if it would cut down on time – but it did not. McKenna will take a bottle, but has a preference for the breast, which was made clear by the fact that when fed the bottle she had a tendency to wear more than half of it instead of swallowing. Silly monkey.

We spent the Friday morning in Saskatoon visiting Matthew’s uncle and cousins and showing off our baby to the family. They loved her, of course! We left Saskatoon at around 11AM which put us in Melville for about 3PM on Friday afternoon (baby stops included).

We had a great weekend in Melville. It is the cutest little city (smallest city in Canada, to be exact)! I was very excited too that since our last visit, they have opened a new coffee shop in the heart of downtown – The Chocolate Bean. Deeeelish Caramel Lattes! Highly recommended.

If I wasn’t such a big city girl at heart, with such a strong desire to move closer to the mountains, it would be a high contender for our future home. I know Matt would love to return there, so maybe one day when we are older and our family is complete. For now, I still dream of heading west, closer to my dear Rockies.

We spent most of the weekend simply relaxing. We stayed with Matt’s friends, Kyle and Chelsie, and they were very hospitable to us, and really enjoyed meeting McKenna! We played board games, had a few bevy’s and pretty much just had a fun time catching up. They also have an adorable dog named Jack, and as much as I would like to say Shiloh made a new friend, the two of them didn’t really care too much for each other. I think my Shybear is getting old. She doesn’t really have the patience for new dogs.

The drive home seemed to go by quicker than the drive there, and was once again broken up by an over-nighter in Saskatoon.  The down side to the trip was that I caught a bit of a cold while in Melville, and it turned into a full-fledged sinus-y head cold that night in Saskatoon. It’s been a very long time since I have had a cold so as a result I have been being a bit of a baby about it. But as long as McKenna doesn’t catch it, I will be just fine.

I think it’s safe to say we now have a new Easter tradition of road trippin’ for the long weekend. The two days off allow for great family time and allow us enough time to head somewhere without being too rushed. And now that we know our little one travels well, I see many road trips in our future!

Below are some (limited) pictures from our weekend – NOTE TO SELF: I REALLY need to learn to take pictures of things other than just McKenna, consider this a new goal!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


Little girl, big bed. McKenna's first hotel stay!

Little girl, big bed. McKenna’s first hotel stay!

Cuddling with her monkey, Nugget

Cuddling with her monkey, Nugget

A cuddly morning at the hotel in Saskatoon!

A cuddly morning at the hotel in Saskatoon!

Easter Family Picture

Easter Family Picture

McKenna's first Easter outfit!

McKenna’s first Easter outfit!

Morning Easter Cuddles with Mama <3

Morning Easter Cuddles with Mama ❤


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