Heavy Heart

My heart has been heavy these past few days.

I debated writing this post. I am not an American. I have never been to Boston. I most certainly do not know anyone who was in attendance at the marathon on Monday.

But I am a human. And humanity as a whole was hurt, yet again, on Monday.

I have always been told I am an overly sensitive person. I know that this is true. I wondered if becoming a mother would give me thicker skin. Or if it would do quite the opposite.

When the Boston Marathon tragedy coverage began pouring over televisions on Monday, I felt a feeling I had never felt before in the wake of a tragedy such as this – I felt anger. A deep, red hot, boiling anger within. An anger that people like this can co-exist beside our children, without so much as being noticed. Anger that someone could plan such a horrible act of violence, with no regard whatsoever that the victims involved are somebody’s sons and daughters. It makes me ill.

Then I felt my normal overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt empathy for those victims, for the city of Boston for having to witness such tragedy, to have it pour into their streets, for their children to have to walk by the scene of that disaster for many days to come. For all the newscasts they will watch, and the difficult questions that parents will have to answer from their innocent, unknowing children.

And I know, that one day I will be the parent having to answer those tough questions.

I want McKenna to grow up in a world where there is no violence. Where mankind looks out for one another, accepts each other no matter what their differences may be. Where strangers smile at each other in the morning and say hello, where tragedies such as this don’t exist and everyone simply lives peacefully, co-existing and helping each other on the journey of life.

This will not be the case. This world does not exist.

What does exist, however, is the fact that good, always, ALWAYS, triumphs over evil. The evil is such a small percentage of our human population, and those of us who strive to make the world a better place for all will always be able to outnumber them by the millions. This is the only time in her life that I will tell McKenna to be a part of the majority, the majority who sees the good in humankind and feels sympathy for those who do not. Because that’s the only thing this evil deserves, is our sympathy. Our sympathy and forgiveness. It is said the best revenge that a person can have on an enemy is to live a great life. I will tell McKenna our best way to avenge this evil, to overpower them, is to continue, in the face of tragedy, to hold firm to her beliefs that the good in the world far outweighs the cracks that tragedies such as this put in mankind’s faith.

I do not want McKenna to grow up in a bubble, oblivious to the sadness that surrounds her. I want her to be aware of it, to accept it, and to realize that a few ignorant people cannot shatter the good in this world. Good will always persevere.

I too, as a Canadian mother, am praying for Boston. My thoughts have been with you and will continue to be in the hard times to come.



One thought on “Heavy Heart

  1. Thank you for writing this. You managed to put into words how I’ve been feeling about the tragedy since it happened. While I’m very happy the found the suspect yesterday, my heart remains heavy for all those impacted by this horrible event. You are right though good will always triumph evil, and so long as we teach our next generation that I have a feeling we’ll all be ok 🙂

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