My Baby is Turning Me Into a Liar


I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I worried about what I would do to keep baby and I occupied during maternity leave. I can tell you that HAS NOT been a problem. We are out of the house easily, 4 out of 5 days a week. There are major benefits to being on the go – McKenna is super easy to take out with me, as she is so used to being in her stroller, riding the bus (no, I don’t drive), and she always naps better on days when we leave the house. Now that the days of summer are approaching, I am looking forward to daily adventures in the River Valley, picnics in the park, visiting friends on lunch hour and enjoying the sunshine on patios downtown. The list is endless…

And now, onto the point of this post! My little monster has been doing what she can to contradict anything I say these days … for example, today we had a sleep consultant come to mother’s group. I told her the same thing I just told you all – that McKenna naps well, and never fights naps. And what did my little monkey do the whollleeeee 1.5 hours of mother’s group? Fought her noon time nap.. and fought it hard.

Then, I went ahead and texted my sister-in-law asking her a question about baby wearing, and whether or not I could face McKenna outwards so she could see more of the world (the answer is you should not, ever.. for a variety of reasons. I can send the article to any mother who is curious like she did for me :)) and proceeded to tell her that McKenna never sleeps in her carrier anymore. And what happens? We head out for a walk with Shiloh, to soak up the first beauuuutiful day of Spring (HOORAY!) and my little monkey takes her best nap of the entire day.

Needless to say, my planned 15 minute walk turned into a 1.5 hour walk… because you should never wake a sleeping baby, right? Especially one who looks this content.. 🙂


52 Project picture to come tomorrow!


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