I am still in awe that we are now here, writing your 6 month post. It’s amazing how fast time is flying – and as I am nearing the half-way point of my maternity leave, I am growing increasingly aware of how quick a year really is when you have a baby.

I was over the moon yesterday – we had your six-month pediatrician appointment, and he told me what an amazing job your father and I are doing. You are the perfect image of health – growing beautifully, developing right on time and sometimes ahead of the curve, and even he complimented you on what a happy baby you seem to be. I know I say this far too often, and sound like a broken record, but – I cannot believe how blessed we are to have you in our lives.


This month has been full of developmental milestones for you! First of all, eating-wise, you are now eating solids twice per day. You have a fruit or veggie puree right around lunch time (sometimes a fruit and veggie mixed) and eat 1.5-2 tablespoons of organic barley cereal before bedtime. You handle your solid meals like a champ.  It is our goal to start you on proteins this month, based on the encouragement from your pediatrician, who says you are more than ready. I am excited to continue this adventure with you, and hope to develop a little foodie!

You are still exclusively breastfed – which means, we have officially surpassed our original 6 month goal! Hooray! The goal is now to continue nursing you throughout the rest of my mat-leave, and begin the process of weaning you in December, in anticipation for my return to work in January, and our family vacation in February (Jamaica!!). That being said, should something happen in the meantime that causes us to wean earlier, I am not going to be hard on myself, instead I will be proud of what we have accomplished. But so far, we are 6 months and still going strong. 🙂 That being said, with your growing awareness and interest of the world around you, nursing you is becoming increasingly difficult. Everything distracts you – the pets, the television, the radio, the wind, my bra, my rings… the list goes on. It is becoming impossible to nurse you in public without the constant threat of being exposed. I would be interested in knowing by the end of the year just how many people I have flashed….

Sleeping-wise, things have been going great. We can count on an initial 5 hour stretch, but the other day you slept 8 STRAIGHT HOURS, which is a new record! When you do wake, it is hardly to feed anymore, you simply take your paci, roll over and go back to sleep. Bedtime is at 7, and your routine is pretty much set in stone. You eat your cereal at 6, then Daddy gives you a bath for 6:30, then we each read you a story, say goodnight, and put you in your playpen. You end up in bed with us every single night, but we are still in no rush to break this habit, as we are still loving the family bed. Ever since you started log-rolling, you have been napping in your playpen as well, with the exception of your first nap, which I usually take with you. This is one of my favourite times of the day – you are super cuddly in the mornings.


Developmentally, you are growing faster than we can keep track of. I feel as though I am writing in your baby book daily. You mastered the log-roll back in early May and I feel as though crawling is just days away. The pets motivate you more than anything – whenever they are in the room, you move those little leggies as fast as you can to try and catch them. You’ll get there baby girl – and those poor pets have NO IDEA what they are in for!

You are now sitting unassisted for minutes at a time, however, we never leave you alone when doing so, as you have not quite mastered this skill. Although yesterday, I think you were trying to show off at your doctor’s appointment cause you sat for a whole 5 MINUTES. He was just as impressed as I was.


You are in 6 month clothing, but can fit comfortably in most 9 month outfits as well. You are in size 3 diapers, and there to stay for awhile. You weigh 17 pounds, 4 ounces. This places you in the 70th percentile for your weight. You are in the 25th percentile for your height, which makes you my short little chubby baby monkey <3.

You are laughing more and more, and your father and I are learning the buttons to push to get you going – like tickling your chubby baby thighs… It is our favourite sound in the world. You still smile a thousand times a day – and have been smiling at strangers recently. You are the sweetest little girl, you bring such happiness to all you meet.

You still love your excer-saucer, but I think your playmat is back to being number one, due to your determination to crawl. You don’t mind your Jolly Jumper, but you are too short for it so we need to stack two books underneath – and you have yet to realize that you can jump. I cannot wait till you make this discovery!

You love to watch the pets, you are absolutely fascinated by all three of them! We are still working on teaching you not to pull their hair, and I really think you are getting it. 8 times out of 10 you pet them nicely. Those other two times, you grab them and don’t let them go until we forcibly remove them from your death grasp. It’s a work in progress.

Looks-wise, we are still getting comments that you look like both your mother and father. Your eyes are still perfectly blue, which means they are here to stay (YES!). You have the biggest bottom lip and when you get upset, you stick it out and make the cutest pouty face. I think that’s going to come in real handy in the future.


You make all sorts of noises. You squeak, you moan and groan, still love to blow raspberries, and now love to shriek. I have to admit – the shrieking? Not my favourite. But I know you are just testing your voice, so shriek away my love. I just may have to invest in some ear plugs in the future!

So there you have it. Another month of milestones! I look forward to what June brings – possibly your first tooth, crawling.. and who knows what else. I can’t wait to see.



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