My Baby’s Daddy

Yesterday was Father’s Day.. and tomorrow is Matthew & I’s 4 year anniversary. So instead of writing two incredibly sentimental posts, I figured I’d save you guys half of the mushy gushy stuff and combine these two important days, and my feelings about the man they were made for, into one.

Matthew and I met when I was 18 at an afterhours club (where I lived, most of the time). It was a chance meeting, and we hit it off right away. We exchanged numbers and hung out a few more times that year and always had a great time together.

Then, Matthew moved provinces. We kept in touch through MSN Messenger (wow, now I feel old), and the occasional phone call. I jokingly told my roommates at the time that he was my “soul mate” and he just didn’t know it yet. I also referred to him as “Sexy Matt” and whenever he was brought up in conversation, that was how I referred to him to ensure everyone knew just who I was talking about (he will likely kill me for putting this up on the Internet – but he’ll get over it).

When I was 21, Matt took a week off from work and spent some time in Edmonton, as his family still remained here. We hung out every single day that week. When he went back to work, it was pretty clear that we were developing some pretty strong feelings for each other. Shortly afterwards, we made it official, he moved back to Edmonton, and a dog, two cats, a house, a miscarriage, two holidays and 10+ roadtrips, an engagement, and most recently, the birth of our beautiful baby girl, I am happy to report that tomorrow, we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary.

When Matt and I first started dating, I was in a rough place. I was partying far too much, living in a crappy 11th floor downtown apartment I could barely afford with my puppy (sorry, Shiloh), living off Chinese noodles and whatever else was on sale at the grocery store that week and having some moments of severe depression. I was lucky enough throughout that time to have many solid friendships which helped me get through. With the addition of Matthew into my life, and the encouragement from those amazing friends, I cleaned myself up, and truly started to find happiness in life again.

20120520 Matt - Jill-36-WEB-13

Enter McKenna 6 months ago and I can now say I am the happiest I have ever been, and things just keep getting better.

I never thought I could love a person as much as I love both Matthew and McKenna. And I never thought I could find more love in my heart for Matt until the moment I saw him holding his baby girl. The look of love he has every single time he looks at her makes my heart fill with so much joy I fear it may burst at any given moment. He is not afraid to change diapers, read stories about princesses, make funny voices and play with cutesy bath toys, all for the sake of a smile from his daughter. I look forward to what the future has to hold, look forward to a million moments I get to be a part of watching him and McKenna together.

McKenna, you are the luckiest girl in the world to have your Dad as your father. A father’s love for his daughter is unlike any other love in this world. It is unwavering. It is strong. He will be your first love, and you will always be his little girl. There are a lot of crappy Dad’s in this world, but yours.. you hit the daddy jackpot. He isn’t going anywhere. He will be there for all of your biggest moments – he will teach you to ride bikes, and pick you up when you fall. He will teach you how to drive a car, and be the one you call when you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. He will be there when your first boyfriend comes to take you out (likely with a shotgun nearby), and will pick up the pieces should that boy ever break your heart (and I sure feel sorry for the kid in advance). He will be there on your wedding day, and though it will probably be the hardest day of his life, will walk you proudly down that aisle and give you away to a man that I hope, and pray every single day will remind you a little of him. Because he truly is the greatest man I’ve ever met.

Happy Father’s Day Matthew. And Happy Anniversary to you, my love. McKenna and I are so very lucky to call you ours.

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