The Calm Before the Storm

We have been taking the last week or so to enjoy the quiet. The calm before the storm, if you will. July is BUSY for this little famjam – we have something going on every weekend until August. And two of those weekends (in a row, no less) involve us packing up the house, all the needed baby equipment, and on one weekend, the dog too, and heading out of town. I am looking forward to all the great events planned for July, from camping trips to the attending of great friends’ weddings, but at the same time, the busyness of it all has my head feeling a little dizzy.

On top of all of that, I also think it is time to get the wedding planning officially started! We have been lucky enough to have several things almost fall right upon our lap quite effortlessly – our photographer is booked, our DJ is reserved, and we have a plan in place for our cake (cupcakes!). All 3 of these services are being provided by either acquaintances, friends, and family members and we are so thankful for their offers to help us out at such reasonable rates. That being said, there is still much to do, and seeing as I intend on making this a 100% DIY wedding, I think it’s time to start getting serious.

As such, McKenna and I have been spending our last moments of quiet time catching our breath, visiting both friends and family, planning lunch dates, visiting the library (McKenna has HER OWN card!), taking leisurely walks around a local manmade lake nearby which reminds me of my childhood, and generally enjoying the weather and each other’s company. With Matthew in school too, he is away for shorter days so he is able to join us on a lot of the fun. It’s nice to have these days – these days filled with nothing, with no pressure to be ready by a certain timeline, or to be preparing the house and ourselves for out of town adventures. The lazy days of summer are upon us and I love them more than ever this year with my little sidekick by my side. And the whole not working thing? A major bonus, too!

So here’s to a few more relaxed, enjoyable, and un-scheduled summer days! I hope you too have the opportunity to enjoy these hot summer days with your own little families.

Happy Summer everyone!



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