Canada Day

Today was McKenna’s first Canada Day! It was also her 7 month birthday, but there will be more on that tomorrow..

We spent the morning lazing around the house, while Matt worked in the backyard. He has been working hard on our backyard for the past several weeks, with a goal in mind – to clean it up, make it safer and more private, and prettier, for McKenna to play in. It has been a true labour of love thus far, and in no time McKenna will have a great backyard to play in, a sandbox and pool all her own. :).

After he was finished for the day, we packed up and headed out to Fort Saskatchewan, where we visited with family for an hour or so, and then went to take part in their Canada Day celebrations, which included live music, a petting zoo, food trucks, and A LOT OF SUNSHINE – it was a HOT one! We had a great day soaking in the sunshine and celebrations with our little famjam, and here are some of our favorite pictures from the day:

Canada Day 2013!

Canada Day 2013!

Happy Canada Day everyone! We are a proud Canadian family!


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