7 Months

Yesterday my love, you turned 7 months! Now that summer is here, I find that the time is flying by faster than EVER and you are growing and learning so much every single day that it is getting hard to keep up!
You are still being nursed, so we have now made it 7 WHOLE MONTHS! Although you can still be a royal pain to feed sometimes because you are so easily distracted these days, things are going really, really great in that department. We have now stretched out your feedings to happen every 3 – 4 hours, versus the usual 2 – 2 ½…. Largely due to the addition of solids into your diet. This is nice – it has allowed for a more flexible schedule, just in time for these hot summer days we spend together outside, adventuring.

Solids are going OKAY. We still feed you a breakfast meal around 10 or 11, which is generally a fruit mixed with oatmeal, along with a protein (you’ve had egg yolk and chicken so far). Then at 6, we feed you a veggie puree for your supper. I say things are only going OKAY because about the time you mastered your sippy cup (we introduced it at 5 ½ months, but you have only started using it on a daily basis in the past 2 weeks) you no longer want us to feed you. Anything. Ever. Don’t be fooled by the picture below – you fuss and you scream and close your mouth until we give you the spoon and the bowl, and you make an attempt to get what you can into your mouth, but most of the time you end up wearing most of it (as most babies do of course – but you defiantly reject it and do it on purpose). The only time you will ever take a puree, is when we give you one of the prepackaged pouches and you think you are feeding yourself – in reality, you are putting your mouth on the spout and mama is giving tiny squeezes (tricky, tricky, mama!). This has caused me to do some more intensive research the past 2 days into baby-led weaning, and today, we put that research into action, and gave you some chicken breast and apple slices for dinner and stood by and watched as you fed yourself EVERYTHING – happily. I think it’s safe to say that our days of baby food are pretty much behind us, and I will be doing some more research as to how to conduct this method of baby led weaning in the safest, healthiest way for you.
Sleep-wise, things are going pretty good. You still wake up once a night most nights, and that’s fine with me. I feed you and you promptly go back to sleep. BUT whereas bedtime used to be easy, it has now grown increasingly difficult to put you down at your usual 7pm. You do take a nap at 7pm, a nap that lasts about half an hour, and then you wake up and stay up till usually 10 or 11. I am struggling with whether I should try to keep up with the 7pm routine, or keep you up at 7pm in hopes that maybe you’ll fall asleep at 8:30 or so? I don’t know.. as is the case with mothering, the plan just keeps on changing.. it is definitely important to be flexible!

You weigh 17 pounds, 9 ounces. You are still in comfortable in size 3 diapers with room to grow. For clothing you fit in anywhere from 6-12 month clothing or 9 month outfits.
You are sitting unassisted like a champ now. I STILL keep watch and stay super close when you are doing this, but I think that’s just the overprotective mama bear in me coming out.

You are PRETTY MUCH crawling. We lay you on the floor and if there in an object in front of you, you lift your bum high up in the air and scooch towards it. We can tell it tires you out though, but in a few days or weeks I am sure you will get the hang of it and we will be chasing you everywhere!

You also stand while supporting an object, something you have been doing for almost a month and a half. You like to play with your walker while sitting unassisted, and have tried to pull yourself up to standing using it as support a few times. I, of course, stay VERY close by when this happens!

You have been SO busy this month. You are constantly figuring out ways to entertain yourself, grabbing everything you can get your hands on, babbling like crazy, and overall just being your happy baby, curious self. You are fascinated with zippers and strings, Daddy’s glasses, and have taken a recent liking to banging your hands against objects and taking delight in the loud noises you make. You love to try and grab noses. When you notice you won’t be able to pull them off with your hand, you open your mouth wide and try to grab them with your gums. I thought we were supposed to be the ones to steal YOUR nose?
You say “MAMA” and “MUMUMUM” and it melts my heart. No “DADADA” yet, but we are working on it. I think your next word after that will be puppy, because you spend a lot of time watching Shiloh and all she does (which also makes mealtime increasingly difficult, because the dog never leaves your feet, causing you to be distracted with your head down the whole time while I ATTEMPT to feed you).

You still like your exer-saucer, your playmat (until you roll off it) and just laying on a blanket outside with a few toys. We put away your jumparoo for the month because you are just too short . I will try and bring it out again this week and hopefully it can be put to good use!
Still love storytime, bathtime, going on long walks with your mama, baby laptime at the library, and in general, being out of the house and in the sunshine. We took you swimming this past month and that too, was a big hit. You laid on a mat while your father and I pulled you around the kiddie pool – definitely going to be doing that more often! We will also be enrolling you in your first swim classes shortly.
Your eyes are still as big as marbles and as blue as the ocean. Your thighs are so chubby I just want to squeeze them, all day, everyday. Your cheeks are so pinchable you’re lucky they are still attached to your face. You have no teeth yet, but soon I am sure they will make their appearance.

You laugh several times a day, sometimes when provoked (like tickling those chubby little thighs) or at random things (the other day you spent 20 minutes laughing while I called you a “turkey burger” – another nickname that looks like it’s going to stick. Don’t ask where it came from. Couldn’t tell ya.). You still love to smile at everyone – strangers, friends, family, and always Mum and Dad. We know we are your two favorite people, it’s written all over your face by the warm smiles you give us multiple times a day. It’s an amazing feeling, being loved so much by you.

So there it is, another month in the books. My baby is growing so fast! I have moments of extreme sadness where I think of the moments we cannot get back, but 95% of the time I am so excited for what the future holds. You are more fun to be around each and every day, and I am so lucky to be in the first row of watching what life has in store for you. And it’s big things McKenna – big things.
I love you forever.


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