A Perfect Day

I find it kind of ironic that I wrote this post yesterday, as today so far has been a TERRIBLE day! By no fault of McKenna’s, however. We woke this morning and were heading out of the house when we realized that two of Matthew’s tires had been slashed, causing us to have to use some of our savings to replace said tires. I contemplated going forward with posting this entry, but isn’t that the point of a perfect day? To have something to hold onto when our faith in humanity is being tried and things are just not going our way? So here it is, and here’s to hoping I can look back on this post whenever I have a trying day, and need to be reminded that these days are generally outnumbered by the wonderful ones. 🙂

Today, today was a perfect day. Everyday I spend with McKenna is magical; but today was just one of those days where everything went right.

We started our day out as any other, with a cuddly morning nap, followed by breakfast. It was library day, so we headed out of the house that morning feeling refreshed, happy, and exchanging smiles on our way to the bus stop.

You chatted away happily on the bus ride; chatted happily and played with your rattle, while eating a cracker. You tried to share your mushy cracker with me by shoving it into my open hand, looking in my eyes almost as to say “for you, Mama!”. I, as usual, took said mushy cracker and thanked and congratulated you on your impeccable sharing skills. I doubt they will last, but one can dream, right?

We arrived at the library to a full room of babies ready to sing, sign and play. You, as usual, warmed up within 5 minutes – you know this room, know half of these babies, are starting to become accustomed to hearing these nursery rhymes and songs week after week. You, as usual, were the life of this full room of babies. Rolling around and scooching and babbling about.. Happy. Always so happy, my little girl.

We left the library and headed to the lake for a walk. The weather was near perfect (but maybe a bit too chilly for an August for my liking), the ducks were out, and the geese were waddling to and fro. You squealed in delight as we walked past. I can see already what an animal lover you are, just like Mum and Dad.  You closed your eyes and fell asleep to my IPod, and I thought about you and all the wonderful experiences of past, present, and those to look ahead to as your Mama, as you napped blissfully in the (somewhat overcast) sunshine. 

You awoke shortly afterwards as it wasn’t quite nap time, yet. We hopped on the bus and headed home, for lunchtime and the aforementioned nap. You laughed when Shiloh greeted you, as you always do, her tail a’waggin and tongue a’flailin. There are few things that make you laugh as loudly as puppy kisses do. You love her so, and it warms my heart.

I took you to your bedroom and read you one of our favourites – ‘Tickle Time’ by Sandra Boynton. We cuddled closely and laughed together at the silly parts (although your laugh was provoked by the tickling action, and not the words themselves.. yet). You nursed and stared up at me with those breathtakingly beautiful blue eyes, and drifted off again into dreamland, not a care in the world. I spent your nap watching you sleep for the first half (yes, I can be creepy like that), and cuddling and resting with you for the second.. laundry and dishes just felt so unimportant today.

After you awoke, I put you in your carrier and we ventured out to the park. Today, I decided to try a new park, as the one closest does not have baby swings (ridiculous, I know). The adventure paid off.. we discovered a park, 10 minutes from the house with not only baby swings but.. a SPLASH PAD. You have had an absolute fascination with running water and where it comes from the past week or so, so you could not take your eyes off of the fountains, or the children playing underneath them. You were simply mesmerized.

I love those moments-  those moments spent washing the expressions of joy, curiosity and absolute happiness in your eyes. For a moment, I see the world as you do – perfect, and ever so fascinating. Every sound, every feeling is new. Everything is exciting. I think this to be one of the greatest joys of being a parent – these stolen moments, where we see the world through our children’s eyes. The world in its purest, truest, form.


We adventured around the splash side of the park for a bit, you placing your hands under the water, an expression of absolute glee on your face, and then Mama put you on the swing which you also loved. We played in the same for a few minutes and then bundled you up to head home, just in time for Daddy’s arrival.

We all went out for dinner, something we do not do very often. You stole the show at the restaurant once you got comfortable as you always do, making your loud noises and being the silly little monkey that you are, bringing smiles to those around you. We enjoyed that time as a threesome, engaged in conversation and played with you and talked about life and how happy we were at this particular stage of it. All because of you, baby girl.

Our day ended with your usual bedtime routine and I now type this blog post on my IPhone as I cuddle beside you in bed. You have been sleeping for a few hours now, allowing your father and I time to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

It was a simple day. We did nothing extravagant, stayed close to home, and yet it was still just perfect. I want to remember these days.. the good days. The days where contentment is found not on some faraway beach or fancy hotel room. The days where the time spent with my brand new baby girl is all I need to feel such warmth and happiness in my heart, in my head, in my whole being. These are the good days and I never, ever want to forget.



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