Over the Weekend

Another weekend gone, another great few days spent as a little family unit <3.

We have been lucky enough to have Matt home the majority of Fridays this summer, and happily enough, this weekend was no exception. The afternoon was warm, and we headed out of the house and down to Whyte Avenue to partake in the Fringe Festival (one of my favorites!). We saw some street performers, ate festival food, and visited the Kid's Fringe where McKenna had a blast playing with other babes. She was even able to be a part of a magic trick!


On Saturday, I went for my second round of wedding dress shopping. This time around, I invited Chrissy, Matt’s oldest sister, and Kelsey, one of my bridesmaids. To my absolute RELIEF, I FOUND MY DRESS! When I put it on, I knew it was the one, as I had that ridiculous “moment” you always hear about – my eyes started tearing, and I felt extremely emotional – it was all very TLC Say Yes to the Dress-ish and silly and girly. I guess planning a wedding with the one you love has a way of bringing out those emotions in a girl. There was even a moment where my dress consultant (who was fantastic) referred to Matthew as my “husband” and I squealed in delight and exclaimed “huuuuuuuuusband!!!!” and started to cry again. Sigh. I’m sure all of them (consultant, Chrissy and Kelsey.. and whoever else happened to be in the store at the time) had a good laugh at all of my silliness. 🙂


I feel like we are in pretty good shape wedding wise, and as time goes on, I would like to do a few posts outlining the details as we continue along. I am doing a 100% DIY wedding – on a relatively small budget – and I am thrilled at how everything is coming together thus far. That being said, there is still a lot to do, and I feel as though the next 9 1/2 months will just fly by. I am so excited for this wedding, and most importantly, what it symbolizes – the joining of our families, and the three of us sharing the same last name (finally!). I simply cannot wait to call Matthew my husband!

Anyways! Enough of the mushy gushy stuff for one post! We finished off the weekend spending some time at Auntie Chrissy’s house on Sunday, and McKenna enjoyed playing with all the toys she so kindly has stockpiled for when the babies come and visit (there are quite a few on Matthew’s side of the family). Afterwards, we came home, had a quiet night in and prepared for the upcoming week ahead.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well, spending quality time with your families. Because nothing quite beats family time.


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