37 Weeks; (Another) Love Letter

My Darling McKenna,

Saturday marked a huge event for you, for us – you have now officially spent more time outside of my belly than in! I cannot believe how fast time is flying, and I am truly loving every second of it (yes, even the fussy teething days, the mid-night wake ups and early mornings.. wouldn’t change a thing). I feel like a broken record, constantly saying how much you have changed my life and how happy I have truly become these past 37 weeks, but I can say it until I’m blue in the face and words still won’t do justice to this feeling of – pure joy – I have been so privileged to experience.

In a lot of ways I feel as though I know you better than I know myself. I know your every look, know your every feeling, and experience them as my own. When you are sad, I feel sad, and when you are happy, I feel absolute contentment. I know when you cry, what it is you need from me. I know where your every freckle is located, the meaning behind your every look, the purpose behind each and every sound. But at the same time, everyday I am learning, as are you.. the mother-daughter relationship is the most complex in the world, and I never want to stop learning how to make ours deeper, how to make this bond stronger. How to be the best mother I can be to you, my perfect, angelic daughter.

With all that being said, I wanted to share this picture – I took it two weeks ago, when we had just finished a fun afternoon at the spray park. I put you in dry clothes, wrapped you in a soft blankie, and you stared at me with such love in your eyes. I took this picture, and then I cried. Cried of absolute happiness. Some days I just sit and wonder what I ever did to deserve you. I will spend the rest of my days being eternally grateful that you are mine and I am yours. Happy 37 weeks baby, I am so happy you’re here! I look forward to many more weeks of loving you unconditionally.


I love you forever. xo


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