My Life Without Facebook

I deleted my Facebook a week ago yesterday.

I deleted it to free up some time that I could be spending with McKenna. Although smart phones are a wondrous invention, they are also a huge distraction. I wanted to enjoy these last warm summer days with McKenna, without posting about them nonstop on Facebook. Wanted to not spend 5 times a day scrolling through statuses just because I could. In light of how I have been feeling recently, I am trying much more to live in the moment than to live in the moment through social media.

I really picked the worst time ever to delete Facebook in retrospect, as the following day I got a new IPhone and lost all of my contacts, and had no way to get a hold of anyone to ask for their phone numbers. So, if you are my friend, and I have yet to text you/you to text me this past week, would you perhaps mind shooting me a message for I can save your number? Thanks. J

The first few days were silly. I remember thinking about wanting to write a status about how I wanted to write a status about how I couldn’t use Facebook. Orrrrr.. something like that. It was really an eye opener those first few days to see how many times I went looking for the app, without even realizing I was doing it. But by day 3, I would say I had pretty much detoxed. And now? Now I am thoroughly enjoying my time with McKenna, without the added distraction of Facebook to take away from that time. I know some people are probably thinking – “why not just stop going on so much”? But I truly felt like a total break was in order. That and the fact that I have been such a Facebook addict these past 6 years (6?! Really? Wow) I probably wouldn’t have succeeded in not logging on.

Do I miss Facebook? To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it the last four days. So I think the answer would be no. J The only thing I really find myself missing is the ease with which photos were uploaded to my computer, as I had Facebook configured on my phone to synch them anytime I logged in from home. But at the same time, this encourages me to upload my photos frequently, which is safer than walking around with 2000 photos on my phone (plus when you have 2000 pictures sitting on your device, they take FOREVER to upload).

This is just a step in a series of steps I am doing to allow myself more time with McKenna. Even though we are together every single day, it does not necessarily mean that I am present in every moment. Deleting Facebook was the first step towards helping this situation, and the second? Leaving my phone in the other room when I am putting McKenna to bed at night, nursing her, changing her, etc. Leaving my phone in the stroller when we are out at the splash park or riding on the bus. I do still use my phone of course, when McKenna is napping or playing independently.  I still love sharing pictures of her with family and friends alike, but I have two other platforms, Instagram and this blog, in which to do so. And these platforms come with a lot less muss and fuss than Facebook itself.

My intent is to continue my absence until the cold of winter at the very least. After that, I will likely be starting a home business and will require the wonderful advantages of social media to spread the word.

Until then, I plan to continue with making the most of every second with McKenna. Because as any mother can attest to, the days pass faster than you could ever imagine.


5 thoughts on “My Life Without Facebook

  1. Good Job! You have a great reason to quit facebook. I applaud you and think many more mothers should do the same. It is a shame to see mothers with their faces covered by their phones while the child looks to them for attention. Time flies, children grow and the best you can do is appreciate every moment and live it to the fullest.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! And yes , time flies is the truth. I can hardly believe my maternity leave is over in a mere 3 months :(. Just want to make the most of every moment with my beautiful little girl. Thanks for reading 🙂

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