New Beginnings

There was frost on the window this morning. There was frost on the window and I turned up the heat.

Fall is nearly upon us. The forecast has turned from cloudless days of high 20’s to windy and mid-high teens. Although there are a few warmer days to come later this week, I am already looking ahead to warm sweaters, cute autumn boots, and adorable baby clothes. To salted caramel mocha lattes (yum!) and (baby’s first!) Halloween costumes.

As you can see, my tone has changed quite a bit from the last post I wrote regarding the passing of time and changing of the season. Quite simply, I gave myself an attitude adjustment – focused on the positive and left behind the negative. And although there are still (many) moments where I feel on the brink of tears thinking about how quickly my time at home with McKenna is coming to an end, I swallow them back and count my blessings and choose to live for the now.

It has also helped that this month has been a start of some new beginnings for us. It’s no secret that McKenna and I are always on the go, out of the house about 6 days a week, sometimes even 7. We both have our best days like this.

So with the arrival of fall, it was time to add some new activities to our repertoire, as splash parks and lake walks are nearly a thing of the past.

First off, we are now enrolled in a Baby & Me Aquasize class at our local YMCA. This allows me a chance to workout, and McKenna to do what McKenna loves to do best – play in the water and be surrounded by babes! We had our first class the other day. I wouldn’t say it was a screaming success – as McKenna had fought her morning nap (this is becoming rather common in the past week or so) and was exhausted by the time we got in the water. She ended up spending the majority of the class OUT of her floatie instead of in (and was dubbed the “rebel” of the class), but we ended it on a high note when we went into the baby pool and she fell asleep, peacefully, in my arms. It was a sentimental moment, as this never happens anymore. She is far too much of a busy bee to have time to cuddle with her mama.

All tuckered out after Baby & Me Aquasize! It was a hard workout, clearly. :)

All tuckered out after Baby & Me Aquasize! It was a hard workout, clearly. 🙂

We also attended church for the first time this past weekend. It is something I have been meaning to do with McKenna for some time now. I do not really want to get into religion on my blog, as it is a complex subject that I do not think I am nearly educated enough to discuss, but I will say this: I have been feeling very grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me, and I know just who to thank. As for McKenna? She will have the choice to believe what she chooses, but I do want her to be educated (by someone other than me) about God and about the bible.

Our first service was a smashing success. McKenna loved worship – the church we have chosen to attend features a live band, and my musically inclined baby was absolutely fascinated. After worship was over, it was followed by coffee break, at which point I introduced myself to the ladies in the nursery (all VERY friendly) and fed McKenna quietly on a rocking chair in the mother’s room. After that, I placed my full sleepy baby in my Ergo carrier and she nodded off and slept throughout the (very awesome) sermon. I know that all future services won’t go as gracefully, but it makes me happy to know that she indeed can sit through a service, and if I feel the need to utilize the nursery, everyone is extremely friendly and hospitable. It was a really great day.

McKenna & I, right before our first church service.

McKenna & I, right before our first church service.

The Farmer’s Market is still outdoors here in Edmonton, up until the first weekend in October (weather pending). We only made it down twice this summer, but now that McKenna eats almost everything we eat, I am really making an effort to make more conscious healthy decisions for our family. I also like to support local, so it is our goal to attend the Farmer’s Market as much as possible. There was nothing more relaxing than getting dressed Saturday morning, grabbing a Starbucks and heading downtown with McKenna to browse local goodies.

We have also renewed our membership at KinderMusik, so McKenna and I will still attend those classes once a week. We are now registered all the way up until January, so it is a nice familiar, indoor place for us to spend time with mothers and babies alike.

Weather pending, we will also continue our weekly attendance at our local library for Baby Laptime. It is an ongoing program, it is free, and McKenna is well known within the group and she thoroughly enjoys herself everytime.

With all this to look forward to, not even MENTIONING the holiday season and (dare I say it?) McKenna’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, it has helped me to stop, relax, and enjoy the moment. Although my return to work still gives me an overwhelming feeling of dread (dramatic, I know), I am pushing it far from my mind and for now, I am choosing joy. That is a lesson I would like to teach McKenna – to always choose joy. So I better start leading by example.

So, here is to new beginnings! Bring it on fall, we are ready for you!

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