Family Music Class

My darling McKenna,

Today, we attended music class as we do every Thursday – but today was special. Today your father came along!

He had a great time watching you interact with all the babies, banging on drums and shaking shakers and doing what it is you do at your KinderMusik class – having a lot of fun, and making a lot of noise.

He was the only father in class, and he danced and played along with us. You need to know this, and I need to remember this; because no matter how hard he is working (he’s on about day 20 or so of working STRAIGHT, on night shift no less), he always makes time for us. What little time he has for himself when he is not sleeping or working each day is a mere 4 hours ; and he spends every minute of it, with you. He loves you so.

I have to admit; sometimes I can be hard on him. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to work. I always feel he works too much but he sees it as sacrifices that need to be made to live the life we dream of. And we are spoiled – thanks to your Dad’s hard work we are looking forward to an upcoming trip to the mountains, a week in Jamaica this winter, he is giving me the wedding of my dreams, and a honeymoon to boot. To say we are spoiled would be an understatement.

I write this post not only to let you know how lucky you truly are, but I also write it just as much to remind myself of that fact also. He is one in a million, your Dad, and we are so blessed to be his girls.




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