10 Months


We have had an ‘okay’ month of sleep. When you have your rough nights, you have your rough nights. A good night causes me to get 6-8 hours straight of sleep, a bad night usually results in about 3-5 wakeups. I notice you sleep your best on days where we have activities – for example, days that are spent in the pool always results in a great night’s rest for us both.

You are, however, napping like a champ. We have cut out your morning “power nap” and instead you now wake around 8 and are ready for nap time come 10:30. You generally sleep for 1.5-2 hours, and are then ready for another nap between 3 and 4, which is usually another 1.5 hours. Bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 8, just whenever you show general signs of sleepiness.


We are still sleeping on the floor beside your crib, and you have a new habit that when you are finished napping you simply open the door (we leave it open a slight crack) and crawl out into the hallway, yelling to make your presence known. It’s pretty damn adorable.

Still exclusively breastfeeding, and you still love it, as do I. My original plan was to have this month (October) as our last full month of nursing, and allow you two full months to wean off so as not to upset you (or me) but I am now in a funny place where I am unsure if I really want to wean at all, or try and make working and nursing work for us. I better figure it out soon though, as January looms above my head like a dark cloud (always with the dramatics, I know).

As for table food, you are still a little unsure. Somedays, you eat everything off you plate and others, less than half. It’s not that you are picky I don’t think.. it’s just that you are a typical woman in the way that you don’t know what you want/like. One day you love plums and eat the whole fruit, the other, you suck on it for a few seconds and toss it aside with a look of absolute disgust. Regardless, you are offered and eat (at least some of) 3 meals and a snack or two throughout the day.

You love the TV. You would be perfectly content to sit in front of it and watch cartoons all day if we let you. We don’t. TV is reserved for half an hour each morning as I drink coffee and we both sit in silence, and if I am having a hard time getting it together to get out of the house. At those times, it is a welcome distraction.

Other than that, we play music when we are at home. You love watching me dance, and love when I pick you up and we dance together. You’ve started to wiggle your booty a bit when I ask you to dance, and whenever music is on you love to clap your hands and squeal.

Your favorite activity is pulling all the DVD’s off of the shelf. We considered putting them downstairs for the time being, but you can’t really hurt yourself doing so and it keeps you busy. So, the DVD’s stay. You always give me a death glare when I put them back, where they belong… as if you had put them just there, on the floor, with intention. You do the same thing with the shapes on your walker. Anytime I put them back, you pull them off. It is an entertaining game for both me and you.

You are a standing machine. You pull yourself up on any surface you can and hang out for a long duration of time. Sometimes you cannot figure out how to get down, and whine till I come help you out. You haven’t really started furniture walking yet, but you are using your walker (which is umm.. harder I think? More balance required. I hope you do not inherit my knack of always making things more difficult for yourself than they need to be). Your days of being on all fours (and easier to catch) are definitely numbered. I am preparing as much mentally as best I can.


A recent development is you ABSOLUTELY despise getting dressed or having your diaper changed. It is cooler here in Edmonton, so you are wearing your fall jacket most of the time, and you scream as I put it on and when you notice it is still on you scream again. Winter is going to be a ton of fun (sarcasm).

You say “mamama” “dadada” “hihihi” and sign “more” and “all done” – but, seeing as the sign for “done” is really just waving your arms in the air, I’m not sure if “done” is really what you are going for. Or if you are indeed, just waving your arms in the air.

You now officially crawl on all fours 100% of the time – and you are FAST.

You understand the word “no” although we try to say “uh uh” instead. The last thing I want is a two year old telling me no all the time. You will start heading towards the dog’s dishes and look back at me and smirk awaiting for me to say “uh uh”. Half of the time you change direction, the other half, you continue and crawl faster than the speed of light to said water bowl. Stinker.


You are starting to be a little nicer to the pets. You pat them for a good 20 seconds before you try to eat their tails or yank at their fur. Hey, it’s progress.

You weigh 18 pounds 12 ounces, so your weight gain is now verrrry sloooow but steady. I am told this is normal with breastfed babies, and the fact that you are so mobile is definitely another major contributing factor. Your hair is still blonde and your eyes are still the bluest of blue. You are the prettiest little creature I have ever seen… but I am a bit biased.

You bring joy to anyone who meets you. Be it on the bus, at music class, at the library, walking down the street – you smile at strangers and always put on a show. I have a feeling you will grow to be quite the entertainer, as you seemingly love the attention.

My silly girl, I love you so.



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