Don’t Let Me Forget / September Moments

  1. A warm afternoon spent at Hawerlak Park with her Auntie Helen, paddleboating and enjoying each other’s company.sept3
  2. Our first visit to Servus Place, where Matthew and I took her in the current pool and she laid back and relaxed, perfectly content for a good hour.
  3. Dinner after Servus Place, her first time tasting a lemon.
  4. That day spent as a family, in general <3.
  5. Her phone calls with Daddy. Before she would just stare at the phone in confusion, and now she “talks” back.
  6. Her look of pure joy when we go to wake Daddy up in the afternoon (no, he’s not lazy, just on nightshift :)).
  7. Watching her beat up Daddy.
  8. In general, any moment spent with her Daddy.
  9. Waking up in the morning, and seeing McKenna, awake, sitting peacefully beside me quietly flipping through her books.sept1
  10. Her impeccable sharing skills, with both me and a very happy puppy.
  11. Her look of wonder when she sees children older than her running and playing about.
  12. Our first Church service. Perfect.
  13. Our first Aquasize class; her falling asleep in my arms in the warm pool after class.
  14. Her first time saying “hihihi”.
  15. Her squeaks and squeals as she watches me dance like an idiot around the living room (particularly when I was head banging to “Gangnam Style”).
  16. Our last visit to our favorite place, the lake, this summer. The weather was perfect, and we were both so content watching the ducks swim by.sept2
  17. Her laughter when I swing her back and forth as we dance.
  18. The death look she gives me from across the room when I put back the DVD’s she has strewn about the living room.
  19. Playing peekaboo on the bus; entertaining all the passengers with her laughter.
  20. Her obsession with peekaboo this month in general.
  21. That laugh.
  22. The beginning of tiny ringlets growing on the back of her beautiful head.
  23. The way she looks for the “kitties” and “puppy” when asked where they are.
  24. Her excitement during bath time, and overall fascination with water.
  25. When she cries in her stroller; but immediately stops once I pick her up (yes, she has me wrapped around that adorable pinky finger of hers).
  26. When she hurts herself, and she reaches towards me for cuddles.
  27. The way she reaches her arms towards me anytime I ask “up”?
  28. Her first official sign, asking for “more”.
  29. The way she crawls furiously to the dog bowl, and looks back, grinning, waiting for me to catch her.
  30. Sharing ice-cream cake on Auntie Chrissy’s lawn, and continually yelling at me for more.
  31. Gazing up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, and twirling my hair with her fingers while nursing.

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