My Darling McKenna,

This past weekend was your first Thanksgiving.

Saturday, we celebrated the holiday at your Nanny and Papa’s. We had a great time with family and as a special treat, your Auntie Ethel and Uncle Emlyn joined in on the festivities. It’s always so nice when two families can come together as one and celebrate, and I hope it becomes a regular occurrence.

On Sunday, you and I headed to church for a great service. Afterwards, the three of us went grocery shopping for the meal I planned to prepare on Monday.

The meal turned out excellent, but this post isn’t aimed to be about that (but
seriously, it was excellent and my first big holiday meal!), nor the great Church service, nor the fun afternoon at your Nanny and Papa’s. It is to be about Thanksgiving, and the overwhelming amount of blessings that have been bestowed upon our little family of three, and the outpouring of thankfulness felt each day as a result.

I could make an itemized list, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. Nothing I haven’t said time and time before on this little web space. And it all just seems so terribly cliche. When you are older McKenna, I hope that we can incorporate a tradition of specifically mentioning what we are thankful for – but not on Thanksgiving alone. I hope we can make a tradition of saying what we are thankful for on Christmas; on birthdays; on a Saturday; on every Monday. And then when this holiday rolls around, it can simply be just another day full of thankfulness, but this one being spent with Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents, celebrating our good fortune. And once you are old enough, dear McKenna, we will figure out an activity that will help us to give back. Because it is always important to give it back.

That is my hope for the future of our Thanksgivings. That, and turkey. May there always be turkey.



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