11 Months


I couldn’t decide whether to do your 11 month update today, or post your incredibly aaaadorable Halloween pictures and recap our fabulous night. I am going with the former, based on the fact that I am still in denial that my baby girl is 11 MONTHS today, which means in exactly ONE MONTH we will be celebrating your first birthday. What.the.heck. Maybe writing about it will help me come to terms with the fact? I doubt it, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

We had a really good month in October, in all areas BESIDES sleeping. Change is on the horizon – our sleeping situation just isn’t working anymore. You have been really inconsistent – some nights you sleep 6-8 hours straight, and others, you wake up to 5 times. Your father and I think it is now the time for you to gain more independence, and that this might be the key to consistent better sleep for us all. I am saddened at the idea of our cosleeping relationship coming to an end, but my Mama instinct is telling me it is time. I will be writing a more detailed post in the near future about the changes we plan to implement, and how they end up working.  Sigh… just another huge sign that my baby is growing up.

You still, however, nap easily and for long periods. Some days you take two naps – one in the mid-morning (around 10:30) and one later in the afternoon (around 3:30). If you skip your first nap that second nap is around 2.5-3 HOURS long. If you take both naps, each are about 1.5 hours. It’s amazing what a mama can accomplish when her baby sleeps so well during the day, so I thank you for that.

Eating-wise, you have gained quite the appetite this month. Whereas last month about 25% of the food on your tray actually entered your mouth, I would say that number has increased exponentially to about 80%. You seem to like everything – particular favorites still include WATERMELON (seriously baby, if you are what you eat, you are most DEFINITELY a watermelon), yogurt, tomatoes, eggs, crackers, cheese, broccoli, rice, pasta.. do you see what I’m getting at here? It brings a huge smile to my face to see you gulping down such healthy eats every single day. I am very happy you didn’t inherit your father’s dislike for vegetables.. now if we could just get him to eat as well as you….


Still nursing, which means we are one month shy of our major goal – ONE YEAR! Woohoo! I still say this with such pride in you and I. I am still on the fence about weaning you at a year, as your father and I are currently having discussions which would allow me to *fingers crossed* stay home with you for the winter. If this is the case, I will continue to nurse you throughout. Our nursing relationship is easy, and I feel as though it is truly doing wonders for you, so I am in no rush to quit.

You are still a little music lover. Your days at KinderMusik are your favorites of the week. We are starting to collect a few musical instruments (shakers, tamborines, etc.) and those seem to be your favorite toys. You look at me with such pride when sound comes out of these toys, and it still has me convinced that you will continue to be a musical person well into your childhood, and maybe beyond. But of course, only if that is what you want to do.


Your jumper, exer-saucer, playpen, and anything else that confines you are now 100 percent a thing of the past. You spend your days when we are at home exploring each room. Your father and I have opted for an open play space for you, and simply child proof along the way. I am finding it a blessing these days that our house is so small as you are never to hard to find, or catch for that matter.

You still love to pull all the DVDs off the shelf, but now that you can stand and reach simultaneously, you pull ALL of them down. I feel as though I am constantly replacing them, but as previously noted, it keeps you busy, brings you joy, and can’t really hurt you… so the DVDs stay.

You crawl (more like stomp) everywhere, fast. You can stand independently for a few seconds before falling on your bum. You can stand holding onto an object for hours. You pull yourself up on EVERYTHING. You are using your walker to motor around the room, but no sign of walking QUITE yet. This is just fine with me, as I am quite content you staying my little baby for as long as possible.

You are making a real effort to talk these days. You try as hard as you can to mimic our mouths when we say several words – such as puppy, kitty, water, to name a few. You move your lips but no sound has come out quite yet.

You have become a little more of a mama’s girl this month – there have been a few days where I could not so much as leave the room without you crying. I’m not sure if it is minor separation anxiety, or what.. but on those days I am perfectly content to spend extra time with you, playing or cuddling, whichever you prefer. :). You laugh often, and loudly, and make your father and I do the same.o7o6

You love the pets soooooooo much, and follow them around everywhere. It’s a good thing we have three of them, because you seriously never leave them alone. At least this way they can catch a break! Esme (the cat) is the most tolerant of you – she lets you crawl all over her, pull her tail, and sometimes even eat it (when Mum and Dad aren’t looking of course). You have tasted the dog’s food more times than I would like to admit this month and I look forward to informing your future boyfriends of this fact.


You weigh 19 pounds (40th percentile). I went to the doctor to see if I should be concerned about your slooooow weight gain, and his response was (and I quote) “have you seen those thighs?!” I sure hope he uses more tact with his older female patients!  He said you are developing perfectly, and if you were taller (35th percentile for height) you would look pretty skinny.

But alas, it seems you are doomed to be short like your mama. But this is not such a bad thing, because as you Grandma always used to say, good things come in small packages :).

Love you forever.


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