Our First Halloween

Last week, we celebrated your first Halloween!

It was a smashing success, as was the week or so leading up towards it. We visited Prairie Gardens, and got lost in a corn maze, watched people fire the pumpkin cannon, attended a petting zoo and a magic show, and all in all just had a great family day. We carved pumpkins, you my little assistant as I cleaned them in preparation for your father’s return from work. You only tried to eat the pumpkin guts once – once, and then it never happened again (yuck). We shopped for costumes for your father and I – the first time either of us had worn a Halloween costume (the last time being when we went to the Howler in 2009 with your Auntie Chrissy and Nikki; when your Dad dressed as Jack Skeleton and I as a ladybug.. but that is a story for another time, when you are much, much older :)).


When the big day arrived, it started out like any other Thursday., until I dressed you to leave for your music class and placed your Tinkerbell dress over top of your normal outfit, and placed your wings on your back. We went to music class and had a fun time with Batman, a princess, a pumpkin and a sheep, and headed home to prepare dinner for your Dad’s arrival.

Once we had all had supper and were dressed (your father and I dressed as pirates to fit with the Tinkerbell theme) and ready to go, we headed out for some trick or treating. The temperatures were unseasonably warm this Halloween, but we opted to just visit friends and families who lived close by. We visited a total of 5 houses, and let me tell you, that was ENOUGH candy wise! You sure cleaned up! We have put your candy away somewhere for safekeeping (our tummies) for when you are old enough to enjoy it (hey! Isn’t that one of the major perks of parenting?).


It was a fun day for all of us. The ones we visited truly loved seeing you in your costume and we had a great time showing you off. I’ll be honest – Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays (I am much more particular to Christmas and New Year’s) but having you around has definitely renewed the spirit of the holiday. I look forward to partaking in many more Halloween’s and continuing these traditions and creating new ones as you grow older.

I also feel it is important to mention that you slept 8 hours straight that night – reason enough for me to wish Halloween occurred several times a year, and not just once! 🙂

Love you forever, my little Tinkerbell.




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