Sending out an SOS (Save Our Sleep!)

Guuuys… I am sending out a bit of an SOS (SAVE OUR SLEEP!) here!

The last week or so has been NIGHTMARE-ISH with regards to McKenna’s sleep. I posted here about how we have been making the transition from bed-sharing to independent sleeping – and it HAD been going great. She had even seemingly been putting herself to sleep when she woke up in the middle of the night, and on some glorious nights, only needing to be nursed once.

But then for whatever reason, this past week we have taken a HUGE step back and I am feeling like a Mama failure. She is waking several times a night, SCREAMING and unable to get back to sleep without nursing. I am not really for Cry It Out in our particular situation (but hold no ill will towards those who do use this method) but we have been trying it out, because at this point it almost seems crueler to step backwards and revert to old ways instead of pushing forward through this hard time and continuing with the transition. But the SCREAMING? It’s awful. And if I leave her for a few minutes, not even to cry, but to SCREAM it out, it gets increasingly difficult to go in there and calm her down. It’s breaking my heart because I feel as though I do not understand my own child and what she needs from me…. I fear she is in pain, whether it be gas or teething (she is definitely teething, she has 6 teeth that have broke the surface but are not fully exposed yet), although she shows no pain or difference in attitude during the day. She is her normal little happy exploring self during the day. She is also going to bed at her bedtime with no problems whatsoever, and napping routinely for 3 hours a day.

So I am asking you Mama’s for any advice you may have pertaining to our situation. I would rather put this post here, than a Facebook status annoying the two thirds of my friends’ list who do not even have children. We want to make this transition as easy as we can for McKenna ; and right now, it sounds like it is the most difficult thing in the world. It is breaking our heart to hear her cry so, night after night.. and scares me to death that I may be missing something. But as previously mentioned, we do not want to take step backwards, after we have made so much progress!

I should also mention that she won’t even LET me sleep with her anymore. As soon as I lay down next to her on the floor bed (she is otherwise sleeping in her toddler bed), she immediately thinks it is playtime. I just don’t see a resolution and am looking forward to any Mama insight I can gather!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.. One of the main reasons I love having a blog so much is the wealth of information that is exchanged!



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