A Letter to my Eldest Daughter

A whole year has passed since I wrote anything on your blog, and I apologize. I hardly find it coincidence that my first day back at work was April 7, 2014, and my last entry was April 2, 2014! Life clearly has gotten away from me once again.


Now we are here, fast forward a year and month later, and your mama is very, very pregnant. Feeling it much more than she ever did with you – every ache, every contraction, every movement – in preparation of the big day which is mere weeks away. And there is so much I was to tell you. So much to say before the arrival of your  baby sister.


The first thing I want to say to you McKenna, is thank you. I remember being pregnant with you and feeling so anxious – anxious about pregnancy and labour, but far more anxious about all that was to follow thereafter. I worried about the little things – would I know how to put a diaper on correctly? Would I be able to tell when you were hungry? Would I be able to keep you happy?

The answers were, of course, yes, yes and majority of the time, yes.

And I worried about the big things-  about your health, about your safety, and about

This time around, I am far less worried about these things. Yes, I have a maternal instinct, yes I can keep a baby alive by myself for a 12 hour period. Yes, I learned your hungry cry and your tired cry and your just pick me up and cuddle me cry. The summer of 2013 was the best one of my life to date and holds so many precious memories for me. And although things are going to be different for this summer of 2015, I promise, they are going to be just as fun and filled with just as much love.

Of all the things I am most excited for, I have to say seeing you become a big sister is at the very top. I know just as everything else you have done so far in your life, you will excel, my love.


Here’s to a new chapter <3.


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