Another Love Story

Emilia, your birth story is beautiful and unique, just as all birth stories are, and just as you are.

I was due June 11, 2015. I thought this was a perfect day, as it was one day before your Grandma’s (my mother’s birthday), 4 days after your Father & I’s one-year wedding anniversary, and a week before the anniversary when we had our first date. But of course, as is the case with your sister, you had other plans in store.

Preeclampsia was a fear of mine throughout the entire pregnancy. My doctor was less worried, but did tell me to monitor my blood pressure when I could just to keep an eye on things and to watch for the other tell-tale signs such as swelling. But once again, as was the case with your sister, I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy (apart from some wicked morning sickness) up until those last few weeks. On April 30, I went to my doctor’s appointment as usual and my blood pressure was hovering in the medium-high range. He advised it might be best I go on early maternity leave from work, so I did just that with my last day being on May 7, 2014.

On May 21, I went to my now weekly checkup and was sent for bloodwork as my BP had risen again. I was to call the office the next day for results with a possibility of receiving instructions for an induction appointment. I called and since protein was found in my bloodwork, the nurses advised me I would be put on the induction list and receive a call from the hospital as soon as they were ready for me. That Sunday, I was sitting outside on your Auntie Chrissy’s patio in the sunshine with your father, your sister and Shiloh when I received the call, that my induction date was for Monday and to be at the hospital for 6:30 in the next morning. It was go time!!!

We left Shiloh at your Auntie’s house and I went home and had a big supper and went to bed early. Did I sleep? Hardly.

The next morning we headed out to the hospital with your sister and waited for the doctor. I was induced at around 11, and your sister left with your Nanny and your Papa shortly thereafter. She was going to be spending time with them until she heard the news.

One hour after the medicine had been given, we were sent home for the day. I was given instructions to call and check in every hour to talk to a nurse about how I was doing. They gave me the very same spiel as they did for your sister – that Cervadil generally didn’t work the first time administered, that it could be a long process of up to three Cervidils followed by Pitocin (a stronger medicine), and sent me on my way. I looked at your Dad and we knew you would be born, just as your sister, very shortly. Your sister was born 14 hours after the first dose of Cervadil, so I was sure we were in for a repeat performance.

We headed home with a quick stop at the baby store on the way for some last minute essentials, then your Dad set me up on the couch and we watched Game of Thrones together. He kept stealing glances my way but I reassured him I was fine. I ended up sending him downstairs to play video games so I could take a nap, which I did.

I must have slept for about an hour and woke up feeling a bit of pain. It was relatively minor so I decided to take a bath. I would say I was in there for about 30 minutes before the pain started getting more intense. I then started the shower and laid there, trying to breathe through the contractions and thinking I had a pretty good handle on the pain – until I didn’t. I called for your Dad to come upstairs and told him it was time – we needed to go. It was approximately 4:30 PM.

We made it back to the hospital and rushed up to the induction room. The nurses took one look at me and put me in a private room. They were shocked to see me return so quickly and I felt they didn’t really believe I was in true labour. That all changed when they went to check if I was dilated and my water broke everywhere. I think I was about 3 or 4 cm, and I was screaming in agony for an epidural. They immediately transferred me up to a labour and delivery room because you were coming – and fast.

The next 2 or so hours were a blur. I waited for the epidural not so patiently, I was in so much pain I was screaming for it. I had one amazing nurse who helped coach me through and of course your father, who never left my side.

I remember one somewhat blurry memory of the epidural which your Dad can likely remember clearly – the anesthesiologist had come in and asked your father to hold the needle while he opened a package. Your Dad ended up grabbing the wrong part of the needle, which made the whole thing unsterilized and I had to wait for another epidural. I have never heard your Dad apologize more to me than he did in that moment!!!!!!

After the epidural, things really calmed down. I was able to get a bit of rest because unlike with your sister, the epidural worked – and worked WELL.

After a bit of time had passed, I started feeling some pain. Terrified of feeling those contractions again, I asked your Dad to call the nurse. Well, your Dad accidentally ended up pushing the EMERGENCY button, and in seconds my room was filled with doctors and nurses. It ended up being a good thing, however, because when the doctor decide to check me, she saw you were ready to come out NOW.

And then, it was time to push. I pushed for all of about 15 minutes and you were here. I remember the first words I said “she looks so much like McKenna!!!” and the rest was a quiet, calm blur. They placed you on my chest immediately and you stayed there, staring at me for at least a half an hour. You nursed immediately and with ease. Your Dad cut the cord and held you in his arms, and just like that, you were ours, you were here, you had changed our lives forever.



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