Emilia, 7.5 months

Gosh, I am so sorry Emilia. I have really been sucking on the monthly updates! I think the brightside to all of this is that the quieter it is on the blog, the more fun we are having in real life!!

Anyways, I think the most exciting thing to share of all is that you are now CRAWLING, as of December 20! Your version of first crawls are the same as your sister’s was – reaching ahead with your arms and pulling up your body to meet. You can scooter around pretty quick using this method but you are pretty close to mastering all out crawling, on all fours. Not only that, you have now tried to pull yourself up into a friggin STANDING position when you are in the laundry basket in the tub or onto the bathtub itself. You apparently did not get the memo that this behaviour is not allowed, as you are supposed to stay my baby forever (and ever and ever and ever).

You can also sit for extended periods by yourself. We of course still prop pillows around you but I would say you do okay for upwards of ten minutes on your own! Strong girl.


You make a variety of noises, and love to babble, but mostly when we are at home. Occasionally you will make conversation when you are out of the house or around people other than McKenna, Dad and I but this is a rarity.

You love anything you can chew because YOU STILL HAVE NO TEETH. We have had some brutal days of teething as a result and as much as I adore your gummy smiles, I cannot wait till those bottom teeth finally arrive so you can catch a break!

YOU LOVE FOOD. I would say you have food envy in fact. I generally prepare supper in the kitchen while you sit in your bumbo and munch on fresh veggies or cheese strings, but should I be in the midst of preparing something for you that isn’t ready or HEAVEN FORBID forget to give you food while anyone else is eating, you tell me off with very, very angry baby babble. It’s pretty funny how upset you get.

You are also still exclusively breast fed. I keep saying I will start weaning at a year, but we will see what happens.

You are sleeping like shit lately, likely as a result of your never ending teething. We have actually started sleep training you, today being day 1, and don’t even get me started on how much it sucks. I hate hearing you cry but that being said we never sleep trained your sister and still pay for it because she barely goes to sleep without someone snuggling next to her. So, we are giving this sleep training thing a shot but I PROMISE if it doesn’t seem to be working I will cut it and fast. That being said, I think you crave more independence than your sister ever did so I THINK (and hope, and pray) that we will have an easy go at this!

Your sister is still the funniest person alive and you loooove to encourage her ridiculous antics. Thanks for that :).


We love you, Baby E.


Little E, 5 Months Old

Okay Emilia, MONTHLY UPDATE TIME … and your first of many to come, hopefully!! I have to say if I thought the first 5 months of McKenna’s life went fast, I was seriously mistaken. I feel like everytime I blink you are a week older. I know that this is because I am twice as busy this time around, what with chasing a toddler around and all, but.. holy cow. How did this happen!??

Eating – I have been nursing you since Day 1 and it has been going splendidly. I had some issues with nursing your sister in the beginning, and let me tell you, that is most definitely not the case with you. You took to nursing like a champ in the delivery room and haven’t looked back since. I have intentions of nursing you for a full year and see no reason why we will not reach this goal. The one thing we do need to work on is bottles!!! You pretty much refuse them but its my fault for not giving you them more often. Your Dad and I are determined to get you used to taking one to give me a bit of freedom, and I am sure if we are persistent, you will grasp it in no time :).

Sleep – You are a great sleeper!! You take 4 or 5 naps during the day that aren’t particularly long but when it comes to nighttime, you are a boss. Around 7 you start to get super fussy in anticipation of your big rest. You then sleep until 3 – 5 in the morning. We do have bad nights sometimes however, just as all babies do, but overall I can mostly count on you for a great sleep each night (thank goodness!).

Looks – You look almost exactly like your sister. Same great big blue eyes, same wispy blonde hair, same widows peak. You differ in a few slight ways – whereas your sister has adorable little dimples in her cheeks, you have a solo dimple right near your nose which may be the cutest little thing I ever did see. Your cheeks are slightly less chubby, and your skin is a little bit darker, but other than that the two of you would pass for identical twins by looking at pictures.


E on the left, M on the right.

You are in size 2 diapers and weigh probably around 14.5 pounds. Your sister was 15.5 at this age :).

Milestones – You can roll both ways (for some time now) and when you are on your tummy, you have already started inching forward by pushing back with your feet. I am SO NOT READY for you to crawl (once again, that whole selfish wanting you to stay a baby for life thing) but it is about to happen. You also love your excersaucer and I plan to buy you a jolly jumper because you prefer standing to laying or sitting.

Personality -You love being outside and either fall asleep immediately or blabber my ear off as your sister and I hold hands walking around our favorite lake. You never ever cry when we are outside walking so it is always my fallback should you be having a fussy day.


You are a super smiley baby which we love cause once again, that nose dimple of yours is oh so cute. You are mild tempered, and take a lot of cuddling and overcrowding from your older sister, who just adores you SO MUCH she has an issue giving you any personal space most days!! I love seeing the two of you together and hope that this bond that you are building so fast and so young will last the both of you a lifetime.

We love you so, our little E. Here’s to another month of true happiness!!!!




15/16 Months

Here it is – a 2 for 1 update on your 16 month birthday!


The biggest milestone hit these past 2 months is definitely that you started walking. It’s funny – you spent so much time leading up to it, with months and months of standing independently, cruising, and using your walker to navigate the house – and then one day you pretty much just took off running and never looked back. It happened shortly after our return from Jamaica, but truth be told, you were almost walking prior to Jamaica but we hindered that progress by carrying you in our arms everywhere around the mostly cement resort.

You now spend your days at home toddling around, going through every open door and picking up any and every object along the way. It keeps you entertained for hours.



You are happiest when you are naked, which happens about half an hour or so a day. You run around gleefully as if you are finally FREE, and evade capture when we try to come at you with a diaper in hand. I look forward to saving on laundry when summer finally comes around and we can allow you to roam freely a little bit longer without worry of you catching a chill.

You are still very comfortably in size 4 diapers. You wear mostly 12-18 month clothing but can still fit some 6-12 month outfits as well. You are 21.5 pounds, so on the smaller size for your age but still look cute and chubby for your height :).

You babble nonstop. You are constantly experimenting with your voice, in true McKenna form, by letting out a constant array of shrieks and squeals and testing out different tones with your voice. You say quite a few words – hi, puppy, bird, bath and book to name the more recognizable ones – and then a couple that I feel only your father and I really can translate. We do get a kick out of you walking into whatever room we are in an letting out a pleasant high pitched "hi!" as if you are just so happy to see us. We are always happy to see you too, little bug.. The feeling is more than mutual.


Sign language is being used more frequently than before, because you are now seemingly starting to pick it up. It’s really exciting to see you sign when you’re tired, want more, or if you are all done with your meal. We are working towards mastering “milk” (which will be used as a general sign for all drinks) and “thank you”. You truly are learning things at such a rapid pace I’m sure we will have these signs mastered in no time!


You blow about a thousand kisses a day. When people are coming and going, when you are saying goodnight, or when people wave or look in your general direction, really. You also like to give kisses, and they are now more like kisses than open mouthed drooly ones. You also like to kiss inanimate objects – such as my iPhone, your binky (blankie), the television, your books.. Etc.

You know where quite a few body parts are located, and know what sound a cow, chicken, cat and dog make. Old MacDonald is your favourite song of the moment.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this here, but Curious George is still a giant hit and a nighttime staple around here. We watch it to help you wind down at the end of the day and it’s the only 20 minutes of the day you actually sit still. Put George on, and after dancing around like cray to the theme song, the rest of the world disappears for you. You have inherited your fathers knack for “zoning out” as it is impossible to get through to you at times like this. I call it karma for him :).
^^that up there? that’s your Curious George face.

Still love the puppy, and our latest edition, our budgie Petrie! Every morning we say hi to the birdie together and you visit him at least 5 times a day to talk/yell at him.


Still super attached to your binkie, but you have officially ditched the soother. Hurrah!

You still nurse about 2x a day – you had almost self weaned before we left on holiday and I panicked about not being able to confirm if the milk was pasteurized or not. Oh well, it will come soon I’m sure, as you drink milk from your sippy cup all day like a champ :).

Fourteen Months


It feels like these months are really starting to fly by. I ask again – weren’t you just born, like, yesterday? Anyways…

Sleep-wise, nothing much to report that wasn’t already covered this week. But now that you are sleeping like a rockstar, your nap schedule has become a little wonky. I think you are slowly transitioning to one nap and it’s kinda got you all messed up. You are exhausted by the time you take your usual morning nap but have SUCH a hard time falling asleep, so you stay awake until you are about ready to fall over at 1pm. I am letting you take the lead on this one because I feel with our upcoming vacation any routine that I may TRY and put in place will end in epic failure. So for now, you run the show.142

Food-wise, you eat anything we do and love MOST things. Things you won’t touch (a much shorter list than the stuff you will) include red peppers, strawberries, peas, and green beans.

We are down to nursing TWICE A DAY. You did this all on your own. You wake once at 5:30 AM(ish) and I nurse you then too.

The biggest news of this month is definitely that you are now WALKING. You can take upwards of 15 steps between rooms before settling down on your bum and crawling the rest of the way. I keep telling everyone that will listen that I’m sure you will take off running when you see the ocean next week (aka – give me a heart attack).

You know where your hair, nose, and bellybutton are. Three very random things, I know. But you are obsessed with the hair on my head (as in you love to pull it) and always reach up to yours when I ask where it is. Nose is a new development; until yesterday you were certain it was located on your ear. Bellybuttons are somewhat of an obsession around here.

You are still a little dancing machine, and love any upbeat songs that you can wiggle your bum too. You prefer when I have the radio on the pop station, but I can only listen to it for so long. You can handle alternative for a little bit, but my personal favorite, dubstep, does not seem to be a hit. Yet.

You LOVE dressup. If we leave ANY article of clothing on the floor you are trying to put it on your head, then you parade around as if you are doing a fashion show. You love to wear your Dad’s hat and my sunglasses most of all. Yesterday I witnessed you *trying* to put my boot on your foot. I look forward to many days spent playing dressup with you.144141

Your glockenspiel is still your favorite toy by far, and you bang on the keys until they fall off.

Still attached to your green fuzzy blankie, but thankfully any fuzzy blankie seems to do, as you quite often throw it on the floor outside causing it to be washed weekly. You also love pillows, and love being on your father and I’s bed and throwing yourself into them, laughing hysterically, until you are absolutely exhausted.

You are currently working on SIX TEETH at the moment, and who knows maybe more. You don’t let me get my fingers in far enough to feel if you are working on your molars yet, but we have definitely had a few difficult nights this month. Poor little bug.


I’ll eat you up, I love you so. xo

13 Months

Well here we are.. another New Year, with a toddler!

I had anticipated I would feel like taking some time off from blogging for the Christmas season.. I did not however, plan to go an entire month without writing a thing! And so much happened that I need to recap, including your first birthday party with your family, your first birthday party with friends, our preparations for the Christmas season, followed by Christmas itself (which I have renamed “Pukemas 2013” – as we all were hit by a tummy bug sometime before, during and after Christmas). I hope I can recap all these events for you soon!

But first, your 13 month update must be done!


I need to write a bit of a disclaimer here.. and that is, December was actually a pretty difficult month for you. You fell sick on the 21st.. it started with two days of a really high fever that I managed with Motrin. On day 3, your fever had disappeared but you woke up in the middle of the night and threw up multiple times. This BROKE your Mama’s heart.. you did not cry, you simply cuddled your Dad looking white as a sheet and so, so sad as I called the nurse on duty and made sure we could continue to care for you at home. The next day, you seemed much better, but alas, that only lasted Christmas Eve and by Christmas Day you had a dry cough, runny nose, and were just so rundown. Of course, during these days our routine fell completely by the wayside. You ate barely any solid foods and slept whenever you felt like – usually taking 6 or so 30 minute naps a day, sometimes more. The rest of the time you spent cuddled on your father or I’s chest, watching far more TV than usual. You are now JUST on the mend and getting back to your cheerful self, with 4 more teeth than you had before this awful cycle started.

Sleeping has changed considerably this month. We are almost finished co-sleeping entirely. This is amazing because I had a little seed of doubt planted in my mind that it would never happen. It is also very, very bittersweet because I absolutely loved our days of bedsharing. However, as you were approaching your first birthday I made a promise to myself to allow you to become more independent. And independent sleeping is  a HUGE step towards this goal. Granted, we are still working out some kinks from our new sleeping arrangements – some nights you wake up multiple times just needing to be comforted, and others I fall asleep beside you rather then head back to our room across the hall. But generally, our night generally starts with you going to bed at 7:30. You wake up around 12:30 to nurse, and then sleep till about 6:30 or so where I nurse you again. Our day starts shortly before 9 most days.


You still either take one big nap from 11:30 till about 2:30, or two naps of about 1.5 hours each.

Now that you have gained back your appetite for solid foods, you are eating 3 solid meals a day, and 2 snacks. You like a great variety of foods but don’t eat anything you do not like – that usually goes on the floor for the puppy. I think you consider puffs to be a food group because you would happily snack on them all day if we would let you (we don’t).


You only nurse before naps and bedtime, and the rest of the time you are offered whole milk in your sippy cup. I am very happy we were able to skip bottles all together! Just one less thing I need to think about taking away from you in the future (because it feels there is always *SOMETHING* I am supposed to be taking away from you).

You have a TON of new toys from your birthday and Christmas last month, which has enabled us to start *toy shuffling*. This means we have toys, brand new and boxed in the basement that you haven’t even played with which we intend to switch in when you start getting bored of the toys you have in your play area. Right now, your favorite toys include the glockenspiel you received for Christmas, your walker, and your play kitchen that Mum, Dad, Nanny and Papa gave to you for your first birthday. I love watching you play with all your toys, but your kitchen in particular – just yesterday I watched you intentionally put food in a pot, close the lid, place it on the stove (which makes bubbling noises) then take it off the stove once finished and empty the pot. I am patiently awaiting to be served three course suppers and watch you wash and put away the dishes afterwards (great practice for the future, too)!


With us being in the middle of the cold of winter, we have been spending MUCH more time at home than we did in the summer. As such, it has now become a part of our routine to start off the day with a quiet cartoon (while Mama wakes up and feeds/lets out the dog). You love Cat in the Hat and Curious George most of all – when the theme song comes on you break into a huge smile and wiggle your little bum to the beat. It is aaaadorable!

Not walking yet, although you have taken one or two steps several times on your own to transfer between furniture or your Dad and I. I was told walking qualifies as 5 unassisted steps so we are patiently awaiting for you to take the leap, but at the same time allowing you the time you need to figure it out for yourself at a time that is most comfortable to you.


You say many words – but NEVER on demand. Only when you feel like it – another sign of your streak of stubbornness. Words you have said include – mama, dada, hi, bye, book, and bubble. You still think puppy is said by popping your lips together … but no sound is yet to come out.

Speaking of the puppy, if it’s possible you are even more in love with her than before. Half of the time (maybe a little less) the love is reciprocated as she runs in circles around you and attacks you with kisses, the other half of the time she goes into another room to get away.

You have an obsession with soft blankets. You have a green fuzzy one that is still hands down your favorite, but if you are in a room with blankets or even soft articles of clothing you will gather them all to surround you and bring them with you everywhere.

You also still love your books and sit quietly flipping their pages and looking at the pictures as if you are memorizing them by heart.

You also now have a new little quirk where you like to take objects such as blankets or clothing and put them over your head so you can barely see in front of you. You then crawl furiously around the room laughing. You do this with your Dad’s hat too. You especially like chasing the dog when you do this and you think that you are absolutely hilarious. It is the funniest thing to watch but I have to run interference quite often to be sure you don’t run into any walls.


 Here’s to another month and a brand new year!


12 Months

Now that all the birthday excitement is starting to wear off (mind you, the party is not till the 15th so the celebrating is not over!), I have had some time to think about the fact that I now have a ONE YEAR OLD. And… I’m so excited! I spent so much time dreading this one year mark because it creeped up on me so fast, and was such an amazing year. But now that it is behind us, I am anticipating all that is to come. There are so many things you can do with a one year old that you just can’t with a 6 month old, and I look ahead to all these wonderful things.

So without further ado, here is a recap of the twelfth month:


Things have been really good in the sleep department. Last month I mentioned that you had been sleeping poorly, inconsistently, and as a result we would be starting to transition away from bed sharing. Well, you must have been teething, or going through a growth spurt, because things have sorted themselves out again, meaning we are back to our 1 maximum 2 wakeups per night. Regardless, we started the transition into your toddler bed (yes, TODDLER bed. A post as to why I chose this strategy will come once the transition is complete) and it is going well, so we see no reason to move backwards.

The transition has been going rather smoothly, although slowly. This is as much for my benefit as yours – I love the cuddles. Currently, you start the night in your toddler bed, anytime between 7 & 8 PM. You wake up between 1:30 & 2 AM for a nursing session, and at this time I join you on the floor bed. You then wake up once more between 5:30 & 7, and after that we sleep until around 9 AM.

You take all of your naps in the toddler bed also, and you are still napping very well – except on the days that your Dad is home. For whatever reason, on those days our routine seems to go out the window, and you fight your naps until you are so exhausted you are crying. I guess you just love when he is home SO MUCH that you do not want to miss a single second!

On the days he isn’t home, you take two 1.5 hour naps. One around 11-12:30, and the second at 4-5:30. Some days you skip your morning nap; this always ends up with you sleeping from 1:30:-4:30ish. But most of the time you are consistent with your two naps.


You eat pretty well most days, however, when we went to your one year appointment on Friday, your pedi mentioned a food regression at the one-year mark. I’m pretty sure you heard him say this, and being your little defiant self you started to reject a lot of your fruits and vegetables and eating only your protein, dairy and grains these past few days. This is causing me to be a little more creative and hide veggies/fruits wherever I can. I sure hope this is just a phase and that it passes. Quickly!

As for nursing, WE MADE IT. We hit the 12 month mark without much difficulty and are still going steady. That being said, your nursing sessions have reduced dramatically to only about 4 times a day, due to your increase in solids. I have started to offer you milk more frequently in your sippy cup, and you do drink it, but not enough to substitute the nursing sessions just yet. I don’t know if this is the beginning of weaning, but I am kind of just letting you take the lead on this one.

You’ve had your bottom two teeth for months, but it seems your FOUR top are due to make an appearance any day. They don’t seem to be bothering you too bad this time around, thank goodness.

You have officially become attached to your green fuzzy blankie. Funny how it happened almost overnight, but now you take every nap with it and will not go to bed until it is grasped tightly between your two little hands. You also like to hold on to it for the first 20 minutes or so when you wake up and cuddle with Mum or Dad. Once you let go, it is game on and you are ready to take on the world.

You are still crawling, although you can stand unassisted for several minutes at a time, but ONLY when you don’t notice yourself doing it. I think at this point this walking thing, it’s all mental. You have the capability to do it but are still overcoming some obstacles in your mind, and your father & I are not pushing you in any way. We trust you will do it when your ready, and then it will be GAME ON for us.


You are obsessed with Cat in the Hat. The theme song in particular. I could put it on repeat and you would be mesmorized and smiling, glued to the TV all day. You squeal with glee whenever it comes on and wiggle your bum to the beat if you are standing.

You have started to dance when an upbeat song that tickles your fancy comes on. You have a love for a song by the New Politics called “Harlem” and it really gets your bum a wiggling. It makes me laugh everytime! You’ve got some moves, baby girl. We also still dance around the living room together frequently, and when this happens you erupt into giggles. Some of my favorite times spent.

You give open mouthed, drooly kisses, when you want to. You still try every day to say puppy, moving your mouth but alas, no sound has yet to come out. You also try to say “book” in the same fashion. You understand the words “no” “bedtime” “bath” “water” “puppy” “kitty” (and many more) and you anticipate what is to come or look for said puppy or kitty when I say these words.


You wave goodbye when we or someone is leaving, and every night you wave hello at the moon before bed as a result of the little rhyme I have been saying for months. This warms my heart.

You have an obsession with books. They are definitely your favorite toys. You will sit quietly on the floor and turn the pages, staring at the pictures. Sometimes you babble while you do it, as though reading out loud :). I love witnessing moments like these.

You notice almost immediately if things are different or if something is out of place. For you, out of place means tidied and put away. For an example, you were given a box set of books from both your Auntie Chrissy and Auntie Leah for your birthday, 24 little board books in total. If I go to put said books back in the box, you immediately crawl over and pull them all out again. Another example: anytime I have a towel, hat, or book (for fun) on my head, you give me an annoyed look, stand up, then knock it off. You seem to like things in their place (what you define as “their place” – often on the floor) and it really bothers you when things are different. It is an extremely endearing quirk.

Looking forward to all that lies ahead for you, little one.


Love you forever,



11 Months


I couldn’t decide whether to do your 11 month update today, or post your incredibly aaaadorable Halloween pictures and recap our fabulous night. I am going with the former, based on the fact that I am still in denial that my baby girl is 11 MONTHS today, which means in exactly ONE MONTH we will be celebrating your first birthday. What.the.heck. Maybe writing about it will help me come to terms with the fact? I doubt it, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

We had a really good month in October, in all areas BESIDES sleeping. Change is on the horizon – our sleeping situation just isn’t working anymore. You have been really inconsistent – some nights you sleep 6-8 hours straight, and others, you wake up to 5 times. Your father and I think it is now the time for you to gain more independence, and that this might be the key to consistent better sleep for us all. I am saddened at the idea of our cosleeping relationship coming to an end, but my Mama instinct is telling me it is time. I will be writing a more detailed post in the near future about the changes we plan to implement, and how they end up working.  Sigh… just another huge sign that my baby is growing up.

You still, however, nap easily and for long periods. Some days you take two naps – one in the mid-morning (around 10:30) and one later in the afternoon (around 3:30). If you skip your first nap that second nap is around 2.5-3 HOURS long. If you take both naps, each are about 1.5 hours. It’s amazing what a mama can accomplish when her baby sleeps so well during the day, so I thank you for that.

Eating-wise, you have gained quite the appetite this month. Whereas last month about 25% of the food on your tray actually entered your mouth, I would say that number has increased exponentially to about 80%. You seem to like everything – particular favorites still include WATERMELON (seriously baby, if you are what you eat, you are most DEFINITELY a watermelon), yogurt, tomatoes, eggs, crackers, cheese, broccoli, rice, pasta.. do you see what I’m getting at here? It brings a huge smile to my face to see you gulping down such healthy eats every single day. I am very happy you didn’t inherit your father’s dislike for vegetables.. now if we could just get him to eat as well as you….


Still nursing, which means we are one month shy of our major goal – ONE YEAR! Woohoo! I still say this with such pride in you and I. I am still on the fence about weaning you at a year, as your father and I are currently having discussions which would allow me to *fingers crossed* stay home with you for the winter. If this is the case, I will continue to nurse you throughout. Our nursing relationship is easy, and I feel as though it is truly doing wonders for you, so I am in no rush to quit.

You are still a little music lover. Your days at KinderMusik are your favorites of the week. We are starting to collect a few musical instruments (shakers, tamborines, etc.) and those seem to be your favorite toys. You look at me with such pride when sound comes out of these toys, and it still has me convinced that you will continue to be a musical person well into your childhood, and maybe beyond. But of course, only if that is what you want to do.


Your jumper, exer-saucer, playpen, and anything else that confines you are now 100 percent a thing of the past. You spend your days when we are at home exploring each room. Your father and I have opted for an open play space for you, and simply child proof along the way. I am finding it a blessing these days that our house is so small as you are never to hard to find, or catch for that matter.

You still love to pull all the DVDs off the shelf, but now that you can stand and reach simultaneously, you pull ALL of them down. I feel as though I am constantly replacing them, but as previously noted, it keeps you busy, brings you joy, and can’t really hurt you… so the DVDs stay.

You crawl (more like stomp) everywhere, fast. You can stand independently for a few seconds before falling on your bum. You can stand holding onto an object for hours. You pull yourself up on EVERYTHING. You are using your walker to motor around the room, but no sign of walking QUITE yet. This is just fine with me, as I am quite content you staying my little baby for as long as possible.

You are making a real effort to talk these days. You try as hard as you can to mimic our mouths when we say several words – such as puppy, kitty, water, to name a few. You move your lips but no sound has come out quite yet.

You have become a little more of a mama’s girl this month – there have been a few days where I could not so much as leave the room without you crying. I’m not sure if it is minor separation anxiety, or what.. but on those days I am perfectly content to spend extra time with you, playing or cuddling, whichever you prefer. :). You laugh often, and loudly, and make your father and I do the same.o7o6

You love the pets soooooooo much, and follow them around everywhere. It’s a good thing we have three of them, because you seriously never leave them alone. At least this way they can catch a break! Esme (the cat) is the most tolerant of you – she lets you crawl all over her, pull her tail, and sometimes even eat it (when Mum and Dad aren’t looking of course). You have tasted the dog’s food more times than I would like to admit this month and I look forward to informing your future boyfriends of this fact.


You weigh 19 pounds (40th percentile). I went to the doctor to see if I should be concerned about your slooooow weight gain, and his response was (and I quote) “have you seen those thighs?!” I sure hope he uses more tact with his older female patients!  He said you are developing perfectly, and if you were taller (35th percentile for height) you would look pretty skinny.

But alas, it seems you are doomed to be short like your mama. But this is not such a bad thing, because as you Grandma always used to say, good things come in small packages :).

Love you forever.

10 Months


We have had an ‘okay’ month of sleep. When you have your rough nights, you have your rough nights. A good night causes me to get 6-8 hours straight of sleep, a bad night usually results in about 3-5 wakeups. I notice you sleep your best on days where we have activities – for example, days that are spent in the pool always results in a great night’s rest for us both.

You are, however, napping like a champ. We have cut out your morning “power nap” and instead you now wake around 8 and are ready for nap time come 10:30. You generally sleep for 1.5-2 hours, and are then ready for another nap between 3 and 4, which is usually another 1.5 hours. Bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 8, just whenever you show general signs of sleepiness.


We are still sleeping on the floor beside your crib, and you have a new habit that when you are finished napping you simply open the door (we leave it open a slight crack) and crawl out into the hallway, yelling to make your presence known. It’s pretty damn adorable.

Still exclusively breastfeeding, and you still love it, as do I. My original plan was to have this month (October) as our last full month of nursing, and allow you two full months to wean off so as not to upset you (or me) but I am now in a funny place where I am unsure if I really want to wean at all, or try and make working and nursing work for us. I better figure it out soon though, as January looms above my head like a dark cloud (always with the dramatics, I know).

As for table food, you are still a little unsure. Somedays, you eat everything off you plate and others, less than half. It’s not that you are picky I don’t think.. it’s just that you are a typical woman in the way that you don’t know what you want/like. One day you love plums and eat the whole fruit, the other, you suck on it for a few seconds and toss it aside with a look of absolute disgust. Regardless, you are offered and eat (at least some of) 3 meals and a snack or two throughout the day.

You love the TV. You would be perfectly content to sit in front of it and watch cartoons all day if we let you. We don’t. TV is reserved for half an hour each morning as I drink coffee and we both sit in silence, and if I am having a hard time getting it together to get out of the house. At those times, it is a welcome distraction.

Other than that, we play music when we are at home. You love watching me dance, and love when I pick you up and we dance together. You’ve started to wiggle your booty a bit when I ask you to dance, and whenever music is on you love to clap your hands and squeal.

Your favorite activity is pulling all the DVD’s off of the shelf. We considered putting them downstairs for the time being, but you can’t really hurt yourself doing so and it keeps you busy. So, the DVD’s stay. You always give me a death glare when I put them back, where they belong… as if you had put them just there, on the floor, with intention. You do the same thing with the shapes on your walker. Anytime I put them back, you pull them off. It is an entertaining game for both me and you.

You are a standing machine. You pull yourself up on any surface you can and hang out for a long duration of time. Sometimes you cannot figure out how to get down, and whine till I come help you out. You haven’t really started furniture walking yet, but you are using your walker (which is umm.. harder I think? More balance required. I hope you do not inherit my knack of always making things more difficult for yourself than they need to be). Your days of being on all fours (and easier to catch) are definitely numbered. I am preparing as much mentally as best I can.


A recent development is you ABSOLUTELY despise getting dressed or having your diaper changed. It is cooler here in Edmonton, so you are wearing your fall jacket most of the time, and you scream as I put it on and when you notice it is still on you scream again. Winter is going to be a ton of fun (sarcasm).

You say “mamama” “dadada” “hihihi” and sign “more” and “all done” – but, seeing as the sign for “done” is really just waving your arms in the air, I’m not sure if “done” is really what you are going for. Or if you are indeed, just waving your arms in the air.

You now officially crawl on all fours 100% of the time – and you are FAST.

You understand the word “no” although we try to say “uh uh” instead. The last thing I want is a two year old telling me no all the time. You will start heading towards the dog’s dishes and look back at me and smirk awaiting for me to say “uh uh”. Half of the time you change direction, the other half, you continue and crawl faster than the speed of light to said water bowl. Stinker.


You are starting to be a little nicer to the pets. You pat them for a good 20 seconds before you try to eat their tails or yank at their fur. Hey, it’s progress.

You weigh 18 pounds 12 ounces, so your weight gain is now verrrry sloooow but steady. I am told this is normal with breastfed babies, and the fact that you are so mobile is definitely another major contributing factor. Your hair is still blonde and your eyes are still the bluest of blue. You are the prettiest little creature I have ever seen… but I am a bit biased.

You bring joy to anyone who meets you. Be it on the bus, at music class, at the library, walking down the street – you smile at strangers and always put on a show. I have a feeling you will grow to be quite the entertainer, as you seemingly love the attention.

My silly girl, I love you so.


9 Months

91I would say you are now “officially” sleeping through the night – meaning 6 hours or more, about 90% of the time. I think there were one or two days this month where I had a full 8 hours sleep, which left me feeling like a whole new woman. There are still the odd rough nights, like when you caught your first cold (:(), but they are few and far between these days. This makes for a very happy baby and a well rested mama.

Your naps are also almost completely predictable, which is also making our days easier. You wake up anywhere between 7:30-9, and are ready for you first nap a mere half an hour later. This is usually just a “top off” nap – you only sleep another 30 minutes or so. I think you may cut this nap altogether in the very near future. You then wake up, eat your breakfast, have some playtime and are ready for your second nap come noon. This is your longest nap of the day, and lasts anywhere from 1.5 – 2 hours. You take one final micro-nap around 4:30 or 5, which is only another half hour. Sometimes you skip this nap, but when you do, you end up fussy and tired by 7pm. With your Daddy’s new work schedule he now comes home at 7pm, so I do what I can to ensure that you have this micro-nap so you at LEAST get an hour with him once he gets home.

You nurse 5-7 times per day and eat 3 solid meals. Your favorite foods this month include watermelon, chicken, yogurt, cheese and broccoli. Everything else is questionable as to whether you really like it, or you just simply like to play with it. You are your father’s daughter in the way that you will eat EVERYTHING off your tray, and tackle the vegetables when there are no other options left. Breakfast and supper are almost always self-fed. We spend a lot of afternoons out of the house, in which case we give you a pouch. You have no real preference between the two (self-fed and pouches); just as long as you are not being spoon-fed. You are an independent woman (or so you think).


You are frustrated by your limitations daily. This has caused you to show a little bit of your temperamental side this month, as referred to in this post. You have been pulling yourself up to stand on whatever you can – coffee tables, the TV stand, toys, my leg.. and you succeed about 50% of the time. The other 50% you plop down to your bum and let out an exasperated sigh.

You are officially crawling on all fours, until you get tired and revert to the good ol’ bum scooch. Either way, you are getting places, and fast.


You make the STRANGEST noises. My experience with babies prior to you was very limited – but this past month I have been assured by several friends and family members that the sounds you make are unique to you, and you alone. I wish I could explain these sounds to you but it would really be too difficult. All I can say is you are the master of experimenting with your own voice, coming up with noises that I don’t think many of us adults could even recreate. I hope to put together a video montage soon so I can show it you (blackmail you) with it later. You say mama and mumumum and dadadada frequently, and today, I SWEAR you said “hi” to me as I was changing you bum in the morning. But you haven’t done it since (in 6 hours) and I am now left to believe maybe I was just hearing things.

You love music. You love your KinderMusik classes and are fascinated by instruments. You may become a drummer because of your apparent passion for banging things together and making a lot of noise.

One of your favorite things is when I scoop you up in my arms and we dance around the living room.

You still only have your two bottom teeth, and I haven’t seen any real signs of teething as of late. This is fine with me as there is nothing more adorable than seeing you smile with those two adorable bottom teeth poking out.

You weigh 18 pounds 8 ounces, wear size 3 diapers, and fit comfortably in 9 month and 12 month clothing.

Your favorite days are the days we spend outside of the house, BUT as long as you are not confined to your stroller too long. You HATE being confined. I almost think you’re borderline claustrophobic – if something so much as prohibits you from rolling over, you lose your marbles. I also think this may contribute to your EXTREME aversion to your crib. Anyways, yes. You like being outside of the house but as long as you are free to roam about. This has led to us spending a lot of time at spray parks and playgrounds as of late, which is always a lot of fun, seeing as you are a total water baby.


We love this about you.

As for toys, you will play with anything within your grasp. You pick everything off the floor (including things that should be swept) to examine it. 9 out of 10 times it ends up in your mouth.

You will go in your jolly jumper and excer-saucer for a VERY short period of time before you demand out by screaming at me. Once again – confined spaces.

You are OBSESSED with the pets. They unfortunately, do not usually share the same sentiment. I am still dreaming of a happy house where pets and babies not just co-exist, but play together and cuddle together.

All in all, it’s been a great month of development. You are becoming less my baby and more your own little person each and everyday. We love watching you grow!


8 months (and a week)

Another late post! McKenna turned 8 months on the 1st, but due to general busyness around here and an emergency dental surgery, her 8 month update fell by the way side unfortunately. But here it is :). Enjoy!


Such major milestones have been hit this month. It’s hard to believe you have almost spent more time OUTSIDE of my belly than inside. We are seeing more of your beautiful personality every single day and let me tell you this – you are an adventurous, strong willed, busy busy baby. You are giving us a real run for our money with your new crawling (yes, CRAWLING!!) skills, and there is never a dull moment. Here’s a bit of what you have been up to this month:

Sleeping-wise, we were kind of all over the place this month as a result of teething, camping trips, and overnight stays. Now that the busyness has slowed down a bit I am really working on getting back on track with getting you on a schedule, and I have to say, even just sticking pretty close to home last week has really seemed helped. You have now established a reliable nap schedule, and we are back on track with your bedtime routine. I am planning on doing a post soon about life on a schedule and how well it is working for us, but for this 8 month update regarding sleep I will just say this for now – things are still improving, but you are still not sleeping through the night. This doesn’t bother me, as long as I still get my initial 5 hour stretch, which I do the majority of the time, I am able to function just fine with you waking once or twice. Your father and I are confident that once you are ready to hit that milestone, you will do it on your own. For now, you go to bed at 7:30(ish) and sleep until I join you at around 11pm. At this point I dream feed you, and you generally sleep till 4 or 5 in the morning, eat or just take your soother, then wake up again between 7 or 8.

Eating-wise, I will also need to do a more detailed update. You are still nursed, and things are going great as usual. I am having a bit of a supply issue as of late (the past 2 days) due to the aforementioned dental surgery – the reduced calories combined with the antibiotics I am taking have lead me to worry a bit. But I am working hard to bring it back up, so we can continue on with our goal of reaching one year. I won’t give up, I promise!


As for your adventures in solids, we have been doing a combination between BLW and purees. All of your purees come in pouch form so you get the feeling that you are “feeding” yourself, but I think we are near the end of purees and close to having you be 100 percent self fed. You are having two solid meals a day, one at breakfast and one at dinner, and you are still nursed on demand, about 6 times a day. We are likely going to be adding a third meal this month, but in all honesty, your interest in solid foods isn’t much. You still much prefer to be breastfed and this is just fine for me as we truly follow the philosophy that “food under 1 is just for fun” around here. You have had a large selection of fruits and veggies, and are now eating proteins once a day at suppertime. Often times you will just suck on a piece of chicken and not really chew or swallow, but I have been told that you get just as much nutrients from food that way as you would should you have eaten the whole thing. Like I said, we are taking a very relaxed approached to solids and seeing as you are thriving, healthy and happy, I am confident we are doing it in the best way for you.

You now weigh 18 pounds 1 ounce so your weight gain has slowed down considerably, largely in part of your desire to motor all over the place all day. You wear size 3 diapers and 6-12 month old clothing. You are still very short for your age – 25 ¾ inches to be precise.

You grew not one, but TWO teeth this month. The first was a MISERABLE experience for both you and I. I have never seen you so unhappy. You were constantly crying, refusing to nurse due to pain, and hardly sleeping. I felt terrible all day everyday that I was unable to help more than giving you Tylenol on a consistent basis and offer you cold teething toys, freezies and face cloths to gnaw on. It was an awful 3 days, but we pushed through. Upon recommendation of your Auntie Leah, we then invested in an amber teething necklace, which SEEMS to be working like a charm! When that second tooth came it was much more manageable – you drooled a bit, had a mild fever and runny nose, and tossed and turned a bit that night. But there was no miserable crying, no pain meds needed. I truly think the necklace has done wonders for you, so it is now permanently attached to your body.

You have been crawling since the day after your 7 month post was published. You are not on all fours however – you have adopted a style of crawling which I lovingly refer to as the “bum scooch” where you moreso drag your body across the floor, generally motivated by a four legged creature. I have read that some babies simply stick with this technique – while some do move onto crawling on all fours. It has yet to be determined what you will do my dear, but I can tell you this – you can get places, and fast!


Since you have discovered your ability to crawl, toys such as your playmat, excer-saucer, and jumper are pretty much a thing of the past. I can put you in them for maybe 10 minutes at a time before you fuss to be on the floor, crawling and exploring on your own. You can keep yourself entertained for hours this way, especially on a nice sunny day outside! So much to see!

You still have a fascination with details – zippers, buttons, glasses and the like. You also like to pull noses, lips, eyelids, ears, and generally abuse your parents. We have begun the process of trying to correct this behaviour so when you enter preschool you are not a hair puller. You also have a fascination, as all babies do I’m told, with outlets, plugs, and wires. This gives your mother a heart attack on a consistent daily basis.

You now clap your hands, and get thoroughly excited whenever music comes on. We enrolled you in KinderMusik this month which has been a HUGE hit. You love interacting with the other babes and experimenting with instruments and moving along to music. I see a real desire within you to perform, as you love to be the centre of attention, and you demand the spotlight!


You also love being in the water – be it in the bathtub, your pool in the backyard, the swimming pool, or the lake. You had your first lake adventure last month whilst we were camping, and baby, you LOVED it. You squealed with such delight as we let you float on your back and splashed around. I don’t think I have ever seen you smile so big! This makes me and your Daddy EXTREMELY happy, as we are both huge water people ourselves! I look forward to many beach vacations with you!


You babble non-stop when you are at home, but should we ever venture out of the house, it takes you awhile to warm up to your new surroundings before you begin making any noise. This leads people to say what a well behaved and quiet little babe you are, and I nod and smile while thinking in my head “if only they saw you at home”!

You are so much fun to be around these days my little Roo. Each day holds new surprises and I wake up with a smile thinking about what may come. You have brightened my life in every way and I thank God everyday I am given this opportunity to be your mother. You are my greatest blessing.