Well hello, 3 month growth spurt…

I think we’ve finally hit it. Like, officially.

For weeks now, I’ve been thinking in my head “wow, we totally bypassed that monster growth spurt everyone talks about at three months” because McKenna hasn’t been overly fussy the last little while. In fact, she has been an absolute doll – constantly smiling, constantly happy, and constantly discovering.

Well, this girl sure likes to keep me on my toes! The moment I stopped anticipating this oh-so-famous growth spurt – BAM! Here we seem to be, right in the thick of it.

However, it isn’t quite the nightmare I was anticipating, YET. I am saying this with baited breath. I know from my online mother’s support group over at What To Expect When You’re Expecting that this one in particular is supposed to be a doozy.

The reason I think we are hitting this growth spurt so late, is because I have been calculating McKenna’s growth all wrong – going by her actual due date (December 1), instead of her estimated due date (December 17-20). Now that I think about all of this, it totally makes sense. McKenna is hitting a lot of milestones for a baby at 3.5 months, but her Wonder Weeks and growth spurts by general standards have been a little off.

I had my ah-ha moment yesterday with regards to this, when McKenna was once again crying for no reason it seemed than to hear her own voice, and was constantly soothed by the breast. So I am preparing myself for a few sleepless nights, frequent nursing, and¬†constant cuddling (which I of course, LOVE.. & makes it all worthwhile). I’ll let you know how it goes when we come out the otherside, because I daresay that so far, it isn’t half bad :).

Wish us luck!


Monday Morning Musings..

I unintentionally almost missed a full week of blogging last week. Not good.. McKenna & I were just so busy! We were up earlier than normal and out of the house most days so when we did finally have a chance to relax at home, we soaked up that time together. Which is why I am really happy that other than a few minor errands and my mother’s group later this week, we have nothing really planned. This is especially great considering the weather here in Edmonton these days.. we must have had 20 cm of snow over the weekend, and it is COLD out there.


1. My main thought today, is a feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity to stay warm inside with my beautiful baby girl. Maternity leave is such a gift, I do NOT take it for granted.

2. My second thought is how lucky I am to have a man who goes to work, no matter what the weather OR circumstance. Matthew works outside for his job as a tradesman so he has to withstand these awful Canadian winters in a different way than most people do. Not ONLY that, he had an accident on Sunday with a knife – that had him at the Medicentre receiving a few stitches through his nail on his thumb. Can you say OWIE? And yet, he still got up this morning, bundled himself up and headed to work in this -20 weather with a busted up hand. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. McKenna and I are so fortunate to have such a loving, providing man in our lives. We love you!

3. We had a great weekend – and it all started with some really great news: A close friend of mine got engaged to a really great girl. And it is double exciting for us because of the fact he will be having a destination wedding early next year – which means we will be taking a family trip to somewhere nice and tropical! I know we want to do a lot of travelling with McKenna, and although she may not necessarily remember this trip when she’s older, it certainly will be nice to start the travelling early.

4. Speaking of travelling, we have made the decision to head to Matthew’s hometown in Saskatchewan for Easter Long. I am excited but slightly nervous to take a 9 hour road trip with little McKenna. I am still trying to figure out the logistics of being an EBF mother (exclusively breastfeeding) and how that works on a road trip. Any suggestions from other mother’s would be greatly appreciated.

5. Another exciting thing related to Easter weekend – when we return from our road trip, McKenna’s Auntie Helen – and my sister – will be here for a visit. We are SO excited to see her, spend time with her, and show her how much her little niece has grown!


6. Lastly, speaking of growing – I wanted to share the outcome of McKenna’s latest pedi appointment. Our little girl now weighs a whopping 13 pounds 6 ounces, and is 22 inches long. Pretty impressive considering her birth weight of 5 pounds 13 ounces :). Other than telling us that she was right on track with regards to weight gain, he also brought up the fact that we should soon be considering our plan for introducing solids. I cannot believe this is something we already need to think about, but I sure am excited! Since then I have been doing a lot of research into BLW – baby led weaning, but I will share my findings on that another day, as this post is already pretty long.


In the meantime, if any mother’s happen to stumble across this blog and have any information to share on BLW- please, comment and let me know. I have yet to find someone personally who tried this when introducing solids, and I definitely want to hear some first hand experiences.

So there we have it – I hope everybody has a happy Monday and stays warm wherever you may be!


On Wednesday, I was doing one of my million mini-photoshoots with McKenna. One second she was smiling, and the next second, she was distracted by something hot pink out of the corner of her eye – HER FEET! Her attention went from staring at Mama & smiling, to oh my GOODNESS what are these things attached to my legs? And what are my legs for that matter? Well whatever they are, they are FANTASTIC!” (or so I think it is how her train of thought went ūüôā )¬†And just like that, the photoshoot, & her Mama, were old hat. Indeed, I could not get my little Bean to look away from her feet long enough to get any more smiley pictures, and it was hilarious.

Now for the past 2 days, our feet have been all the rage. Whether she is on her playmat lifting them up in the air and staring in awe, or sitting on her boppy and looking down at them with the same look of minor confusion, it is clear that her Mama is a thing of the past and her feet are now all the rage.


As you can see, our hands are still pretty awesome, too!

I suppose this is just¬†a¬†preview¬†for¬†what’s to come, when her Mama is no longer cool and instead her primary focus is on her friends at school, boys, and boy bands. But for now, I will take being second place to those cute little toesies, as I am just as fascinated with them as she is, if not more.

In other big developmental news – she has also managed to roll over half of the way several times this week! However, she seems to stop mid-roll as though she is still a little afraid of what is on the other side, or where she will end up. I give it another week and my little bum will be rolling all over the place – likely trying to follow those adorable little feet & wherever they may go!

Have a great weekend everybody! ‚̧

My Little Lovebug…

My Little Lovebug,

Last night was rough for all of us. You woke up no less than 6 times in the space of 8 hours, with a stuffy little nose. Being so itty bitty, you are unable to clear your sinuses like we big people are, so it is understandable the frustration that comes with being boogery (boogery – one of the many words that has been added to my dictionary post McKenna).  We know from visits with your pedi that your stuffy little nose will be stuffy from time to time this first year, and unless accompanied by other symptoms, is nothing to worry about. We proceeded to kick your Daddy out of the bedroom so he could have some sleep before he went to work, to provide for us as he always does. We used nasal spray and Mama ran a warm shower so you could have a steam bath to help clear that adorable button nose. Then Mama proceeded to break another one of her own rules and bring you into bed, and cuddle you so tightly to help curb your frustration. Immediately, as you always do, you calmed by simply being near me, and for the billionth time that day and the kajazillionth time in the past 3 months, I thanked God that He chose me to be your Mother.

We awoke this morning side by side, with you as my little spoon. I smelled your baby smell first thing before I even opened my eyes. The first thing I saw when I did open my eyes were your tiny fists, curled up close to your heart, and a sleepy smile plastered on your angelic face. I woke up with such contentment, the kind of contentment and the feeling of warmth within that I only receive when I am in skin to skin contact with you.

I considered cancelling our obligations for the day (we had an early start) because of your boogery nose, and contemplated a day at home, spent with lots of cuddles, exploration, and as always, love. But I realize, as your Mama, as much as I want to keep you protected and in my own bubble, it is healthy for you to be out in the world of the living, exploring and adventuring. Mama needs to face the inevitable – you, my baby love, are going to get sick one day. One day a boogery nose is going to be accompanied by a cough, chills, and (heaven forbid I can BARELY bring myself to say it); a fever. And all I can do as your Mama is love you, nurture you, protect you from all I can, & when the time comes, be the Mama to you that my Mama was to me when I was sick. And I am so happy to do it.

But with that being said, I want to thank you for being as healthy as you have been so far. You are my strong little girl, and apart from a sometimes stuffed up nosey and a watering eye from an undeveloped tear duct, you have been the perfect picture of health since day 1. So this post is not only a letter to you thanking you for yet another, beautiful cuddly morning, but to thank God for a beautiful, perfect, healthy girl. Your Daddy & I are so blessed.


She Laughed!!! …. almost

Yes, you read it right. My little girl, not so little anymore, let out the cutest of little squeaks while getting her diaper changed last night. It was a half-laugh, an imitation of Matthew’s laugh, that gave¬†her father and I SUCH promise that the real thing is just around the corner. I have been waiting for this milestone to come, since like, ever (although mind you, laughing is listed on many references as a milestone that is reached around 3-4 months, so she is right on target!).

The video of her making this cute little noise repeatedly, is on Matthew’s cellphone, but I was able to get a pretty good video myself of this smiley,¬†(almost) giggly girl this morning. My favourite sound in the entire world, from my favourite person in the entire world <3. The joys of motherhood – it doesn't get much sweeter than this.

I love you McKenna, I look forward to years and years and YEARS of endless laughter together.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I am off to make endless funny noises and silly faces at my little monkey so I can hear this joyous noise, again, again and again.

PS – Isn’t it hilarious the ridiculous faces and noises we are willing to make for a smile or a giggle from our beautiful babies? Soooo worth it. ūüôā Have a good day everyone – I know I will!


McKenna’s Nursery

From the day we discovered that our little baby Bean was going to be a girl on July 20, 2012, I dreamt of a beautiful nursery filled with some of my favourite childhood books, colourful pictures, and made with love.

This dream has definitely become a reality, as McKenna’s nursery¬†is by far my favourite room in our entire house. Although it isn’t quite being put to its full use yet (McKenna is still in our bedroom – and it has recently been decided she will be remaining there until she sleeps through the night), we still use her nursery for diaper changes, daytime naps, and now more recently, playtime.

Matt and I picked the colour (light green with pink accents), and the theme (jungle animals) together. I had previously stripped the carpet from this room to reveal beautiful original hardwood¬†flooring underneath. It is¬†going to be great for when McKenna is more mobile (read: easy to clean up). The rest of the work (painting, putting together furniture, arranging furniture, decorating the walls) was done by Matthew. He kept the work he was doing behind closed doors, as he wanted the finished project to be a surprise to me. I thought this was the sweetest thing like, EVER ūüôā He slaved many days after work and on weekends making sure the paint job was done just right, that the original flooring was smooth and nail free (yes, there were nails all over the place!), and most importantly, that it was a comfy cozy room built for a child who was so wanted, and who would be so loved. A close friend of ours, Leah, also helped with the finishing touches. I LOVED it then¬†and I still do! We are still¬†always imagining ways we can add to it, and our next project is to have McKenna’s birth day window (a project I found on Pinterest¬†– post will follow once complete) completed and hung, and some more shelves installed for more books and special knickknacks as there are so many.

A tour of McKenna’s nursery:


The crib was gifted to us by my Auntie and Uncle. We love it. It fits in so well with the other furniture, and will be used by us for years to come.

The quilt hanging from the front of the crib was made by McKenna’s Auntie and Godmother, my sister, Helen. The colours match her room perfectly! We cannot wait to use it on her actual bed (McKenna only uses wearable blankets for now to reduce chance of SIDS).

The quilt hanging on the back of the crib is another gift from my Auntie & Uncle, made by my Auntie (my family is very talented Рa gene which skipped me!) and fits the theme of the room perfectly. We will likely be hanging this quilt on the wall in the near future.


This is McKenna’s bookshelf. We use it to store all sorts of supplies – sippy cups, teething toys, diaper cream, and most importantly: BOOKS. I hope one day to have these shelves entirely dedicated to children’s stories for McKenna, as her father & I are both big readers, and we cherish storytime with our little girl.


This is McKenna’s closet – and only about 1/4 of her total clothing! The rest is stored in the drawers. In other words, she has no shortage of clothes¬†thanks to the generosity of so many (but mostly her Nanny).

Just a few other pictures of the room, including her chest of drawers (massive for little girl, I know) and the wall decals that fit the jungle theme:

Nurserywalls (2)nursery1

Another dream come true  Рa beautiful nursery, built for a perfect, beautiful little girl!