Our Shiloh

Anybody who has been a part of my life over the last 9 years, knows my puppy Shiloh.

Shiloh has been more than a puppy to me – she has been my best friend; my first baby. My confidant and my number one fan. She’s been around for my darkest of days and been my shoulder to cry on; and been around for my happiest of days, to see me fall in love.

She became Matt’s baby the day he met her. One of my favorite memories of when we started dating was when, after date night, we returned to my apartment on the 11th floor and he offered to take her downstairs to go to the bathroom. They were gone for over half an hour. I always joked that in the beginning he was only with me because of his adoration for Shy.

She’s lived with me in three very different homes and come with me on trips across provinces. She’s shared her home with other dogs, cats and birds, and seen those pets subsequently leave for various reasons and taken it all stride. Lastly, and most importantly, she has welcomed Matt and I’s babies with paws open wide, and become a true family dog.

This past week, our family has been dealing with the nightmare of discovering that our dear, sweet Shiloh, has cancer. It has been a week of vet appointments and various tests to determine the best way to approach this diagnosis. Yesterday, a decision was made that will best prolong Shiloh’s life and prevent her from ever having to suffer a minute from cancer, because it was luckily caught soon enough that she has yet to feel pain.

Next Friday, my sweet girl will undergo surgery and lose her front right leg. The emotions that come with this reality are all over the place. I am so happy for this second chance with Shiloh and look at this surgery as a way to prolong an otherwise happy healthy life. I am also sad that she has to suffer a single second of pain to get there. But it is, of course better than the alternative.

I ask you all today for prayers for our best friend. She is a strong pup and we all have no doubt that she will make it through this just fine and be the cutest little “tripawd” (yes, that is a thing) we ever did see. But we pray for a quick and successful surgery, and an easy recovery. She is our baby and a part of our family and I know that if any of you have had the pleasure of meeting my Shybum, Shybear, Shybaby, or Fluffmuffin, you too, have a place in your heart for her also.

I love you my girl. We will face the next adventure ahead as we have all of our adventures – together.



My Two Babies (a video)

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, thought about having children, I dreamt of a house where babies and pets played happily together. Come on… you’ve all seen those adorable YouTube videos! Nothing warms your heart and soul more than watching a baby and a puppy playing happily together (that, and of course chocolate).

Unfortunately, this dream of mine has not become reality. Shiloh has been my fur baby for sooooo long and she has had a very hard time adjusting that another baby has now entered my life. She has never done anything to hurt McKenna of course, but she has definitely shown some major signs of jealousy. It’s made me really sad.

I don’t even want to jinx it, but the last two weeks or so things seem to slooooowly be getting better. Maybe Shiloh overheard my phone call to a puppy discipline centre a couple weeks back, or maybe it’s that McKenna is just starting to learn that the pets like to be patted and not pulled, but the two of them have definitely had a few heartwarming moments as of late. Things are still far from ideal but I am hoping we are making progress towards that dream of mine, where my fur baby and my human baby not only coexist, but love on each other.

So now for my very own puppy and baby home video.. and here’s to hoping there are MANY more to come!